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Surface 604

Their name contains the zip code of where the company staff rides their bikes. The actual varied terrain in the rugged Canadian outdoors which these eBikes were designed to overcome. Surviving this through testing and development has led to the creation of a unique line of eBikes.

We are proud to offer this quality at an economical price. The designers have gone through a process to sync up the right components with the frame and motor system.

The four main products are focused on Class 1 Road and Off-road use, A men’s and women’s style city bike, and two off road models. The off road models are very interesting and very different by design. 

The Hunter model allows riders to enter the backwoods with the quietest form of wheeled transportation, understanding the number one concern of not scaring off any wildlife. The capacity of the Hunter allows for transportation of loads several times more than someone can carry on their own. 

The electric Mountain Bike is a brand new model for the company. It represents a great value proposition for a product from Surface604. More on this product as it becomes available for the first time early 2018.

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