eBike Central is OPEN in Durham!

We opened the store this week. I was very impressed with people already coming in the store.

We carry these great brands:

  • Bulls
  • Easy Motion
  • Riese & Muller
  • Surface604
  • Tern

We will be bringing over more eBikes next week to add to our Demo Fleet and more in stock.

Come visit is for a Demo and join the eBike community with a purchase.

eBike Central
2501 University Drive
Suite 3
Durham, NC 27707

Its where Highway 15-501 ends on University Drive. It ends right in front of the row of stores where we are located. We are the suite on the far RIGHT>>>

See you in the new store!


What is an Electric Bicycle or eBike?

Electric Bicycles (eBikes) were first designed and patented in the late 1800’s. Yes, today we are seeing a modern interpretation of designs that were submitted to the United States Patent office back as early as 1898.

In fact, each of the motor systems of today (i.e. Rear Hub, Mid Drive, Friction) were all submitted as patents by the early 19th century. The BIG problem then was a really heavy problem and it was the Batteries. They were extremely heavy and prevented all the patented ideas to be realized as a popular and useful product.

Fast Forward to today when the eBike has been evolved for decades in Europe and been increasingly more popular. Today, 30%+ of all bicycles in Europe are eBikes. In Germany and the Netherlands, the eBike is almost equal in popularity with a traditional, non powered bike.

The Battery technology finally caught up with the eBike in just the last several years. Bosch has led the way in creating a very light, UL Tested and reliable battery, now in two versions of the On Tube and PowerTube options.

Bulls, Easy Motion, Riese and Muller, Surface604 and Tern all utilize the latest battery technology. Bosch has already provided one major upgrade for the same battery form factor that retrofits with the previous battery mounts, the PowerPack 400 & 500 models.

The Power to Weight Ration of the electric motor and the battery combines to provide a foundation for all the new types of eBikes being produced now. We carry the five major motor systems: Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Shimano and Bafang.

The Bosch Mid drive system uses speed, cadence and torque sensors to feed information into the computer system. The system calculates these measurements at over 1,000 times per second to more naturally engage the motor system. This is governed by the Four Levels of Assist chosen through the two display systems offered, the larger Intuvia or the smaller Purion. Lower level assists with 25% more pedal input. The higher assist adds 300% increase in pedal input.

The Bafang Rear Drive Hub Motor detects Cadence and will engage the motor based on this metric. There are Four Levels of Assist with this Hub Motor. But one additional feature is added through the Hub Motor option, almost exclusively, which is a Throttle Feature.

Finally, the eBikes are categorized based on Three Classes.

Class 1 – Pedal assist up to 20 Mph. The motor does not assist at higher speeds.
Class 2 – This is a Classs 1 eBike with a Throttle Option.
Class 3 – Pedal assist up to 28 Mph. The motor does not assist at higher speeds.

Riding all the different motor systems on similar terrain will demonstrate unique characteristics. Currently, each motor company is learning through the use of the product and also what the competition is doing better. All systems are being constantly improved. This is the best thing possible for the eBike customers.


Mammoth Park CA and U.S. Forestry Service approves eMTBs in national wilderness area!

eBike Central - Bulls eBikeWow, thats a big headline.

Yes, it has been a great year for electronic Mountain Bikes (eMTB) in the United States.

What is a Class 1 eMTB?
Class 1 eMTB is a specific classification for sustainable use on any trail, path or riding area. Class 1 eMTB models are defined as “a bicycle with fully operable pedals, and an electric motor under 750 Watts peak power that must be pedaled to activate the motor and that ceases to provide power above 20 mph.”

eMTBs in Europe
eMTBs have been very popular and trending in Europe. Nearly all the major parks in Europe have some level of access for eMTBs. It has made the parks a lot more popular and accessible. eBikes give an advantage with eMTBs on flat, slight uphill and extreme climb terrain. Of course, it gives no advantage downhill. The additional weight of the eMTB can provide stability and give additional grip as the tires dig in. Single track, light weight traditional bikes and some eBikes continue to excel.

eBike Central - eMTBs

eMTBs in the U.S.
Two major events have happened within the last eight months or so.

  1. IMBA – International Mountain Bike Association changed its stance in October 2017, where it has now accepted Class 1 eMTBs as recognized class of Mountain Bikes.
  2. Mammoth Park and USFS have approved the use of Class 1 eMTBs on designated trails. This does not mean all over the Park, but gives access to some great trails in a National Forest, wow!

These two major items and the now 10 States that have passed the formal 3-Class eBike laws are setting the stage for the rest of the country to fall in line.

We are working hard ourselves, meeting with City and State leaders, talking with People for Bikes and trying to get a conversation going about eBikes in North Carolina.

As an eBike Owner and Rider, you can do your part by riding smart, being courtesy and looking out for other riders, walkers and runners. We all have the share the road, and trails!

Stay tuned as eBikes make there way into all places that traditional bikes have enjoyed.

We offer eMTBs from Riese and Muller, Bulls eBikes and BH/Easy Motion.

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eBike Central opening in Durham, NC this week!

eBike Central is proud to announce that it has secured its second location as planned in Durham, North Carolina!

This is the address we will be selling and servicing the best eBikes in the world:

2501 University Drive
Suite 3
Durham, NC  27707

We are finishing the renovations now.

We will establish regular store hours this week. Look for an update here and on our Contact Us Form for Store Hours for each location.

In the meantime, please email or call extension 704 for a time that is convenient to you!

We have over 20 models in our demo fleet, so come on in for a demo ride!

Contact us for your demo! Call Us: (888)-876-6473.

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Attended the eBike Summit at Shimano HQ

The timing has been great with our attendance of Interbike last September, followed by to ebike expos in Miami and Philadelphia. The year ended with a bang, with the attendance of the Fourth Annual eBike Summit,

The 2017 e-Bike Summit put on by BPSA and People for Bikes, hosted by Shimano at their U.S. headquarters in Irvine, CA, was an informative blast. The summit drew advocates and industry reps from OEMs, IBDs and EBDs. There were competitors sitting beside each other, working together to create awareness about eBikes in general.

Here are a few highlights. 

Advocacy Efforts

  • In 2017, four states passed e-bike friendly law- Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. A total of 10 states have passed the standard legislation.
  • Mapped acceptable eMTBs trails across the U.S.
  • Developed advocacy playbook
  • Held demos for land managers

Market Research

  • The typical e-bikes customer is a 55-64 year old, caucasian male that makes 100,000-149,000 annually.
  • 93% of e-bike riders had ridden standard bikes as adults. In other words, they have experience riding, debunking the myth that e-bike riders don’t know what they’re doing.
  • The majority of riders polled, 51%, report that they are in very good or excellent health
  • The most popular category of new eBikes purchased was eMTB at 29%, compared to 12% conversion kits installed on new standard bikes with and 13% step-thru models.
  • 80% of e-Bikes were purchased in the last 3 years
  • About 50% of e-bike buyers used information from product comparison sites, and over 20% visited retailers to make their buying decisions
    battery range was the highest consideration for purchase, followed by price.
  • A vast majority of e-bike trips replaced solo car drives.
    more research and stats

eBike Central at eBike Summit, Shimano HQ

eBike Central at eBike Summit, Shimano HQ


eBike Central at eBike Summit, eBike PaneleBike Central at eBike Summit, Retail Update
eBike Central at eBike Summit, eMTB panel

Focus on the Fleet – Surface604

eBike Central - Surface604 eBikesSurface604 starts with the name of the company. 604 is the Area Code for the region where the company is located. They product four products that are designed to provide a solution for riding on the ‘surfaces’ in this area.

The owners are eBike riders and this really helps when putting together a very economical and durable product. These are all rear hub motor systems and are Class 2 eBikes.

The custom frame design integrates the battery very well. The Components provide a very easy to use, durable system. The Bafang ebike motor system includes their display system with all the key information including a Battery Percentage level.


The Bafang rear hub motor is very powerful and offers a throttle option when not able to pedal. These eBikes are being targeted at customers that are price conscience, need a throttle option for physical limitations and may be focused on their Hunter ebike as a unique solution (no noise, no odor).

Focus on the Fleet – Tern Vektron

Tern Vektron, Bosch eBike MotorI was at a recent event with all our five brands represented, each with 2-3 ebikes for different use category products like Urban eBikes, Commuter eBikes, Cargo eBikes, e Mountain Bikes (eMTBs) and folding ebikes.

After over 75 people went through the booth during the 4-hour period, the most popular ebike of the day was: the Tern Vektron. This folding ebike is more like an ebike that happens to fold.

There are several key points that make the Vektron eBike a one-of-a-kind.

First, this is a Bosch eBike Motor systems based eBike. It is using the most popular and durable eBike motors available today.Tern Vektron ebike frame hinge

Second, the OCL+ Frame joint forming the folding mechanism is top of the line. The joints and hinges are of the very highest grade of aluminum, then the shape of the seal is key on the frame.

A very important part of this hinge is the adjustability of the hinge. With moving parts like this, the hinge will need an adjustment over time. Tern has thought about this, because that is the level they consider their products.

Third, the Double Seat Post allows for a mid four foot tall rider all the way to a mid six foot ride comfortably ride this ebike. That is incredible. No other eBike we offer provides that level of seat adjustability.

Tern Vektron eBike, Andros StemFourth, the Andros Stem is Tern’s patented adjustable handlebar and is a key highlight by itself.  It adjusts in seconds allowing for low body position for a headwind or upright for around the town cruising.

Fifth,  all the other very cool features such as the Shimano hydraulic brakes, Porter style saddle, Balloon Tires, Top of the line Headlight and Fenders with Mudguards.

Everyone that has ridden this eBike loves it!

Contact us to ride this one size fits all eBike! Call Us: (888)-876-6473.

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eBike Central is Bosch Certified and Brose Certified

eBike Central - Bosch eBike Motor System Certified TechnicianThis is one of the main reasons I chose certain brands we carry.

Riese and Muller, Bulls eBikes and Tern all use the Bosch eBike Motor Systems.

Bulls eBikes and Easy Motion both use the Brose eBike Motor Systems.

eBike Central is focused on providing Service as a major consideration to Customers when considering any Electric Bicycle or eBike. With over 150 eBike products available in the United States today, how would anyone every filter through that group of products.

I was an eBike rider at one time last fall, before I owned an eBike retail company. The eBike I was riding was a $4,600.00 retail Bosch-based trekking eBike that I had to purchase from a dealer several states away, and it had to be shipped. I assembled it, which was ok since I am familiar with building up a bicycle.

Once I rode it, a hard slam the ebike took over uneven pavement caused the motor to click and creak the rest of the ride. I freaked out because I had no idea where to get it serviced, having shipped it into an area where ebikes were not common (yet). Luckily the next day the motor did not make the noise again.

eBike Central - Bosch eBike Motor System Certified Service CenterMy background in overseeing service work in the high end I.T. equipment industry, was central to our Customer Experience sales process. This is where we First, give the customer the confidence that the product is of the highest quality available anywhere. Second, we bring up the Service and Maintenance as part of the sales process to give the highest confidence that the quality of the product will minimize services issues. When there are issues, we are certified on the motor systems and work closely with the eBike Manufacturers.

Central to the Service we provide is our certifications we have on the eBike Mid Drive Motor Systems. These certifications are provided direct from the eBike Manufacturers or the eBike Motor Manufacturers.

  • Bulls – Bosch, Brose, Shimano
  • Easy Motion – Brose, Yamaha
  • Riese and Muller – Bosch
  • Tern – Bosch

We are Bosch Certified and Brose Certified. Our employees that work on our customers’ ebikes are called Technicians because theirs skills include computer, electrical and motor experience when supporting the products. We are completing our Yamaha certification and Shimano Certification shortly.

If you do not already own an eBike with one of these top Mid Drive Motor Systems, then come demo and buy one from eBike Central. We look forward to supporting your new eBike.

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eBike Central - Bosch Certified

Focus on the Fleet – Easy Motion

Easy Motion is owned by BH Bikes.

Over 100 years later, the Beistegui family are still at the head of BH and continue to maintain the essence of a company that remains true to the values it was founded upon: innovation, research and technological development; social and environmental responsibility; dynamism, commitment, reliability and trustworthiness; and, above all, its passion for bicycles. And all this with the aim of continuing to offer sport and health products to the entire world.

eBike Central - Easy Motion eBikes

From the Eco Line, we have the Evo Street Pro, Evo City Wave Pro, Evo City Pro and Evo Eco as Demos right now. We have the Atom Diamond Wave Pro along with the Rebel Lynx 5.5 27.5, Rebel 27.5″ Lite PW, Rebel 29″ Lite PW and the Rebel Cross Lite PW.

The Easy Motion line is made up of mostly Class 1 eBikes. The Evo line offers a rear hub motor system that provides and Throttle Option which classifies it as a Class 2.  The Evo City Nitro is the only Class 3 Speed Pedalec for Urban Commuting.

The most exciting development this year is the new Atom X eBike Line. The new line is made up 3 Mountain Bike formats. The hard tail version is the Atom X 27.5+ Pro RC. The two Full Suspension models are the Atom X Lynx 5 27.5+ Pro and Atom X Lynx 6 27.5+ Pro. The highly developed eMTBs offer the brand new Brose Mid Drive S motor system. These eBikes use high end Shimano components and Fox Suspension systems.

Ride on!

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Who is our eBike Audience?

Well, it really is not just anyone who can ride a traditional bicycle.

The eBike Market worldwide is finding customers from recreational to commercial use of the products. The Use Categories are being more clearly defined by the introduction of the Electric Assist motor systems from Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Bafang and Shimano.

The eBikes from Riese and Muller, Bulls eBikes, Easy Motion, Surface604 and Tern are reaching a sweet spot with the matured motor systems, right components and the highest overall build quality available.

The over 100 eBike Models we have available are meant to target the entire age range from 16 year olds riding the 24″ eMTB from Bulls or 80+ year olds riding a Ultra Low Step Frame. The products are mainly grouped in On or Off Road. On Road ebikes are the City, Commuter, Cross over, Folding and Cargo ebikes. The Off Road models are Hard Tail or Full Suspension Mountain Bikes, or eMTBs.

Besides the traditional recreational rider, we have been in awe of the other types of customers that we have introduced to the products for the first time North Carolina and South Carolina.

Here are a few descriptions of some of our eBike Customers:

  • Retired Couples
  • Cancer Patients
  • Heart Transplant Patients
  • Individuals with Autism
  • Individuals with Diabetes
  • Oncoming Parkinson’s Disease
  • Amputee Individuals
  • Elderly Individuals – 80+ year olds
  • Emergency Response – Police, Fire Department, EMS

Wow, that feels good!

We are meeting new customers every day. This is a product that helps people in a lot of different ways.

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