Riese & Muller Supercharger2 Touring HS with Belt Drive and Kiox

2020 Riese & Muller Supercharger 2 GX Touring HS with Kiox

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The Supercharger 2. Lovelier, faster, further. The Supercharger 2 will take you there – no matter how far the destination. Whether a daily commute with only occasional battery charging, extended trips or spontaneous extra outings: the Supercharger2 delivers maximum freedom. You don’t hang around when you have your destination firmly in your sights. And especially not because of minor inconveniences, …

Gazelle eBikes and eBike Central

The Gazelle Bike Story – History

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Every Royal Dutch gazelle is built on 127 years of history. They are an icon for Holland and far beyond when it comes to the evolution of a Dutch bike. We haven’t just been along for the ride, we lead the way. Our bikes are Comfortable, Safe and Cleverly designed. They are built with passion with the belief that things …

eBike Central at 2019 BikeWalk NC Summit in Winston Salem NC

eBike Central sponsored 2019 BikeWalk NC Summit, Winston Salem NC.

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We had a great time at the 2019 BikeWalk NC Summit in Winston Salem NC.  We interacted with a lot of key stakeholders researching, planning and producing the future of Pedestrian and Bicycle Access in the state of North Carolina.  eBike Central was proud to be a Keynote Sponsor for the entire event. We also are donating an Pedal Assist …

Bosch eBike Systems visits eBike Central in Greensboro NC

Bosch eBike Systems assists eBike Central

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We were honored to have our Bosch eBike Systems Representative onsite recently. Stephen Proffitt is an eBike Technical Service Specialist with Bosch and is our Territory Manager. We have spent a lot of time with Stephen and look for to a lot more. He was passing through the area and we coordinated a time he could come by to visit …

Ned receiving his wife's Riese & Muller Nevo GX Dual Battery

eBike Central delivers in Chapel Hill NC, Garner NC, Asheville NC, Rolesville NC, Brown Summit NC and Atlanta GA!

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We had our regular deliveries this week via our Sprinter Van. For this week, we had the follow route: Tuesday: Chapel Hill NC – Custom Ordered Riese & Muller Culture GT Enviolo Smartphone Hub model to our new customer Visha. Garner NC – Magnum Ui6 Model to our new customer Kim. Wednesday: Atlanta GA – Custom Ordered Riese & Muller …

Bosch eBike Systems - Display Options

eBike Central has Bosch eBike System Display Options

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We have had so many eBikes come through our store, we thought it would be a good idea to show the actual Display options from Bosch eBike Systems on actual Electric Bicycle models from our brands. Lets go through each of the Display options one at a time and explain the model they come on. We arranged several of our …

Gazelle eBikes and eBike Central

Gazelle Bike’s Test Lab

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At Royal Dutch Gazelle quality is paramount. That’s why we test our bikes continuously in our test lab where we carry out over 129 different tests. Our test bikes travel at least 18,000 km so our Roller Conveyor is running day and night. Because roads and paths are not always smooth we have bikes that vibrate for days on our …

Gazelle eBikes and eBike Central

Gazelle Bike’s Assembly

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At Royal Dutch gazelle our assembly line is the most modern in the world. This is where all the parts come together. The frame starts its journey along the assembly line with the front forks and handlebars already fitted. All the parts from our pre-assembly and paint shop are ready and waiting. Step-by-step with precision and attention to detail 25 …