BULLS eBike Lifestyles

BULLS ebike for your lifestyle!

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Bulls has some of the most incredible eBike products available on the market today. When combined with the Bosch eBike System, they are unstoppable! BULLS eBikes has over 40 models available that cover two main categories, Urban and Off Road. Bosch eBike Systems offers 5 motor systems that are designed and engineered to fit a certain type of use or …

Riese and Muller Charger

The Rider-centric Experience is always paramount.

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Since 1993, Riese & Müller has placed riders and their needs at the heart of every development. To improve the riding experience beyond the product, we are expanding our portfolio with pioneering networking and digital services. This will make our E-Bikes even more useful and enjoyable for everyday life. The Rider-centric Experience (RX) is always paramount – so that riders …

BikeWalkNC Summit

eBike Central was Presenting Sponsor @BikeWalkNC Summit, Raleigh NC!

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“We envision a state where anyone can choose to bicycle, skate, run, and walk as normal, practical, healthy, safe and active transportation.” – BikeWalkNC We were very proud to be a Presenting Sponsor at the 7th Annual NC Bike/Walk Summit being held from October 19-20, 2018 in Raleigh NC at the Convention Center. We had a representative group of eBikes …

eBikes for Emergency Responders

eBikes help Emergency Responders, Greensboro NC Fire Department!

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It was very exciting for us to be contacted by the Greensboro Fire Department and Police Department when we first opened. We have also be in touch with the Guildford County Emergency Services. They are interested and wanting to learn more about eBikes and how they can assist in their response to a scene. The Los Angeles Police Department stepped up …

eBike Central and Urban Transformation

90/90 Rule, Urban Planners and eBikes!

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Yes, these are all tied together. Lets go through each one. The 90/90 Rule is a Auto Industry term that means 90 Percent of the Cars SIT 90% of the Time. That means that only 10% of the the time the car is being used for an errand or a trip. Wow! Uber has purchased an eBike company and we …

Bulls eBikes at Sea Otter Classic

Multiple eBike Race Competitions announced!

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It was only a matter of time before eBikes would participate in formally organized Race Competitions. Racing vehicles truly legitimizes them since the punishing competitions is one way to separate out the best products available. It also allows the manufacturers to try, test and learn from the races. Parts succeed or fail, then replaced and improved. All to the benefit …

Electric Bikes Are About to Go Mainstream


That is the headline from a recent New York Times article. New York City has legalized Class 1 eBikes. The city already has dedicated and protected bicycle lanes all over the city including across several bridges. It truly is much faster to commute around the city on a bicycle. And then you add in the pedal assist eBikes and moving …

Bosch eBike Systems

Drive, Walk or eBike, what is the best errand runner!

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We love our partners at Bosch eBike Systems. They just won another Innovation Award at the Largest Cycling Show in North America held just last week in Reno, NV. Congratulations on being recognized for their incredible eBike Battery Technology, and the award winning Powetube. We have Three Brands that all use all variations of their systems. The Bosch eBike Systems …

eBike Central on Tour

Our 1,517 Mile, 5 State Tour last week!

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We did transport over 20 eBikes across 5 States and covered 1,517 miles last week in just three days! This is not unusual for us. We are a very mobile company and the first item we bought was our first Sprinter Van. Our stores are connected through our network of Staff, Logistics and Technology. Our Mobile approach is our effort …

Apple Pirate Flag

Riese and Muller aligned with Apple Key Milestones.

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We have a deep background with Information Technology. Our owner worked with Apple Computer (now Apple) since 1982. Having witnessed the Transformative Technologies of the Computer, the Internet, the Web Browser, the Smartphone and Mobile Apps. It was natural to align the visionaries in each, unique industry with their milestones at key years. 1984 Apple – Introduces the Macintosh. 1993 …