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In 1993, Marcus Pruener founded CUBE while assembling bikes in a small corner of his father’s furniture factory in Germany. His passion for mountain biking combined with the rising popularity of the sport throughout Europe propelled CUBE to become a world renowned bike and e-bike brand. Today, CUBE sells bikes and e-bikes in over 60 countries worldwide.

CUBE has become a market leader in several European countries in the middle and premium mountain bike and road bike segments. The brand is available through specialist retailers in 62 countries worldwide. The current product portfolio consists of more than 300 different mountain, urban, road, cross, gravel, and touring bikes, including a full-line of e-Bikes.


At the headquarters in Waldershof, the dedicated team of engineers continuously seeks to improve materials, construction and processes. CUBE’s in-house laboratory tests every model rigorously, ensuring that they meet requirements that are well above standard thresholds. They are then put through their paces in the real world by our engineers and professional bikers to refine every aspect of each bike design. The result is an uncompromising combination of functionality, weight, stiffness and safety.

CUBE has been partnered with Bosch in the development of CUBE e-Bikes for 10 years. Bosch is a leader in e-Bike technology, constantly innovating their power and drive systems for maximum performance and battery life.


CUBE has one goal: Make your riding experience better. That’s why, as a key part of its worldwide portfolio of bike models, CUBE offers over 80 e-Bikes models in every cycling category.

CUBE e-Bikes are 100% “pedal-assist” e-Bikes, or pedalecs, which means they must be pedaled to activate the motor. When you stop pedaling, the motor stops working. CUBE e-Bikes do not have hand throttles like you might find on scooters or other electric bikes.

    A CUBE e-Bike takes mountain biking to a new level. Its not just adding power, it’s a whole new riding experience – faster climbs, more trails, longer rides. The perfectly delivered power of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and its eMTB mode introduces a completely new riding sensation.
    People are looking for ways to leave their car at home. Whether you are commuting to work or just getting around, a CUBE e-Bike provides the level of mobility, comfort, and speed that makes cycling the obvious choice for economical and sustainable transportation. CUBE has the e-Bike that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.
    One of the most enjoyable ways to get where you’re going is on a bicycle. For many, making it even more pleasurable is doing it on the e-Bike. Whether exploring the neighborhood, visiting friends, or heading to your favorite places, CUBE has a full range of eTouring hybrid bikes to help you smooth the way.

The road ahead isn’t always smooth, so CUBE offers a range of Road and Gravel e-Bikes with the perfect mix of power, geometry and style.

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