Riese and Muller Homage

Riese & Muller Homage Nuvinci HS

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The ebike shown above is one of the original Riese and Muller designs. It really is a Fully Suspended version of their Nevo model. The Nevo has a seatpost suspension, but the Homage has a rear frame suspension to complement the front suspension. The frame of the Homage is one of the most unique aspects of this beautiful vehicle! It clearly …

Riese and Muller Tinker

Riese & Muller Tinker

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We had already received a majority of the Riese and Muller eBikes for our Demo Fleet. These represent all the categories Riese and Muller are winning awards including the Urban, All Terrain and Cargo style eBikes the engineer and sell. Made in Germany and attention to detail are the standards for the day with these eBikes. The Tinker was one of the last …

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The eBike Numbers are AMAZING!

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Here are some recent numbers and facts on eBikes: More than 250 million ebikes in use world wide, every day. About one million ebikes in USA garages and on the roads. 10 million in Europe. Sales this year will approach 40 million units, world wide. More than 650 brands of ebikes world wide. Nearly 300 brands of ebikes offered in …

Electricbikereview.com - eBike Central

Electric Bike Review website is incredible!

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We know Court Rye. He is a great person and he has created an incredible resource for an entire industry. He has personally created a lot of the credibility that exits around the modern eBikes. Our product line was chosen based on a lot of reviews that Court has provided. We chose Bulls eBikes, BH Easy Motion, GoCycle, Riese and …

Surface604 Shred

Surface604’s newest product, the Shred!

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Surface604 is a Canadian company led by a group of great people! We know them. They have a family of four incredible eBikes, two aimed at city street use and two aimed at off road use. The Shred is the newest member of the family. It is a Mountain Bike! It is based on the proven frame used on the …

Soda City Market, Columbia SC

Columbia and the Soda City Market!

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We were on Main Street in Columbia South Carolina last Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm for our regular presentation of some of the best eBikes available anywhere at the one-of-a-kind Soda City Market! It feels great to represent such a great line of eBikes from our fantastic partner companies: Bulls eBikes Easy Motion GoCycle Riese and Muller Surface604 …

Riese and Muller Homage

Tinkers, Homages and Superchargers, oh my!

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We love the Riese and Muller eBike products! Riese and Muller Tinker Touring Class 3 (28 mph), Black Matt Riese and Muller Homage Rohloff Class 3 (28 mph), Electric Red Riese and Muller Supercharger, Bosch Dual Battery Powertube, Nuvinci, Class 3 (28 mph) Tinker, Homage and Supercharger are just three of their eBikes. Each fully customizable for you! A true …