Pro Tip – Preflight Tire Pressure

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Before starting your ride, always make checking your tire pressure part of your routine pre-flight. It’s essential for a safe and comfortable ride in addition to maintaining your bike. But, when it comes to tire pressure, one size does not fit all. In fact, it can feel complicated but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what you need to take into …

Changing a Tire or Tube with Rohloff E-14 Electronic Shift Rear Hub Gear System

Pro Tip – Changing a Tire or Tube with a E-14 Electronic Shift Rohloff Rear Hub

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This is a Tech Tip focused on show you how to be able to change a Tire or Tube on an eBike equipped with a E-14 Electronic Shift Rohloff Rear Hub Gear system. Elevating the rear end while you do this will help. Try these options: A very sturdy bicycle stand that can handle the heavier weight of an eBike. …

eBike Central Tech Tip, Shifting Enviolo Rear Hub Gear System

Pro Tip – Proper Shifting of Enviolo CVT Hub System

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The Enviolo Rear Hub system is a continuously variable transmission for an Electric Bike or eBike. It is designed to be simple to use while providing very low maintenance. The Hub itself is sealed for the life of the bike it is operating on. There is zero maintenance to be performed by the rider on the Hub itself. On most …

TERN Vektron S10 assembly

Assembling a TERN Vektron S10

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These are the key steps to assembling a TERN Vektron S10. Tools needed: Pair of scissors to remove packaging 4 and 5 mm allen wrenches Narrow wrench for pedals Grease First, remove the Vektron carefully from the box, sit it on the ground upright and you can deploy the kickstand. It should stand up ok. Carefully remove all the packaging …