TEST RIDE eBikes @ designated locations, starting with LEXINGTON VA.

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SIGNUP FORM: https://ebikevirginia.com/demo-registration We are kicking off our Test Ride Events at designated locations starting with Lexington Virginia. We will be offering additional locations in the near future, or contact us to request one. We call these DEMO DAYS where you can come out to a predetermined location on one of the prescheduled days to TEST RIDE various Manufacturers, Styles, …

eBike Central and Magnum eBikes

eBikes can make you happier!

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Electric Bicycles are a transformative product. They enhance your physical ability but more importantly they enhance your mental ability. There are few products that give you a feeling of euphoria. Exercising your body and your mind is where you get the biggest jolt. You can feel that on an eBike. We call it the 20-Foot “Wow!”, where the impression an …

Riese and Muller Multicharger Light

Riese & Muller Multicharger Light

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We are so excited to have this new model for 2019 in our Greensboro NC and Columbia SC stores for test riding by our customers. Riese and Muller engineered another fantastic eBike from scratch. They have already been focused on the unique Cargo aspects of a two-wheeled vehicle by introducing several models over the last several years that address the …

Riese and Muller Load

Riese & Muller Load

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This has to be the most unique and versatile eBike we offer. The Riese and Muller Load is purpose built to offer a large protected cargo area as the main feature of the eBike. It looks like a roll cage found inside racing cars, but it provides the foundation for all the types of ‘loads’ you can carry. The other …

eTransport Graphic

Zero Emission Personal Transportation

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eBikes are a key part of solution to reduce carbon emissions globally. The Zero-emission part of the eBike discussion is based on re-charging the battery on a daily basis from a Sustainable Electrical Source such as solar, wind, hydro, geo thermal, etc.  The fact is today part of the eBike Battery charge is coming from Power Plants that are running …

eBike Central delivers to Figure Eight Island NC, near Wilmington NC - Riese & Muller Nevo GT

eBike Central delivery to Figure Eight Island, NC on the coast.

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We are able to arrange for the delivery of your new eBike from eBike Central. We are have delivered eBikes in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. We have also provide Test Ride Appointments and Events in those states in addition to West Virginia. This particular appointment included the delivery of a brand new Riese & Muller …

eBike Central and Tern GSD in Atlanta Georgia

Tern GSDs delivered in Atlanta GA by eBike Central!

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We have been back again recently to deliver another Tern GSD to an Atlanta customer. We have had two different families purchase GSD Models to move around the City more easily. They have several accessories and transport their Infants and Toddler children on the GSD eBikes. If you are interested in any of the Brands or Models we carry, contact …