Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an e-Bike?

eBikes or Electronic Bikes is a personal mobile vehicle that is in the form factor of a two wheeled vehicle. There are also versions that take the form of a three wheeled vehicle or tricycle.

Are there different types of eBikes?

Yes, the evolution of the eBike over the last 20 years has developed into a sophisticated line of bikes across the traditional forms of bicycling. These are categorized in the bicycle industry as Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Folding Bikes. But there is also a large category of Commuters that will be one of the most exciting segments.

How are they different to a normal bicycle?

The eBikes are engineered to include various forms of 'electric engines' or drive motors coupled with a battery and a power management system to enhance a pedaling motion. Yes, they do provide a fundamental ability to pedal the bikes.

Why are Commuters such a good target for eBikes?

Imagine riding with as much effort as you want to put into the bike. You won't end up at work in a big heap of sweat. Nope, you can outpace cars from a stop, ride up to 28 mph, and cruise right up to the door. Bike Lanes are your friend, and you can pass traffic, cut down on commute time, get a little exercise and enjoy the thrill of being outside!