Riese & Muller’s New Models for 2019.

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At the pinnacle of our Product Line are the Riese and Muller products. The Story, the Design, the Engineering and the History make them totally unique. These eBikes will last longer then your gas powered car. We have customers that have completely replaced their car! They have introduced another group of timeless eBikes. Riese and Muller Delite GX Rohloff High …

BULLS eBike - Sentinal

LAPD, “BULLS Sentinal eBike is No Joke and a Game Changer!”

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Los Angeles Police Department has received their fleet of purpose build Police eBikes from our partners at BULLS. They have now lived and used the eBikes on a daily basis. Here are a few key statements: Class 3, 28 Mph eBike is No Joke. It is a Game Changer. Traveled 40 Miles in Turbo mode across the city with team. …

eBike Patents from the 19th Century, yes 1897!

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We love describing how ‘eBikes are not new, just new to us.’ Really, they have been around since 1897, yes the 19th Century! But the problem has been the Battery. That is the same problem the original Electric Cars faced. The Batteries were too heavy! That is past tense, were is the key word. With the advent of Lithium Ion …

eBike Central, Rock 92.3 and KZL 107.5 in Greensboro and Durham NC

eBike Central’s Radio Ads on Rock 92.3 and KZL 107.5 FM

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We have been running Radio Ads on Rock 92.3 and KZL 107.5 FM in the Greater Greensboro Area for months now. The stations are owned by the same company, Dick Broadcasting. The reach they have is the following and all points in between Raleigh and Greensboro. The Triad Region of North Carolina, including: Greensboro Winston Salem High Point The Triangle …

eMTBs are allowed on Motocross and ATV Trails in North Carolina.

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As the debate continues on access to traditional Mountain Bike Trails, one thing is clear. eMoutain Bikes and eMTBs are great on riding on all sorts of terrain including heavy duty Motocross Trails and ATV Trails. Just look out for the deep ruts. Pedal Assist Electric Bikes are great at assisting across terrain NOT accessible to Traditional Bicycles. In fact, …

Top BIcycle Paths and Trails in North Carolina

Top eBike friendly Paths in NC.

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eBikes are becoming more widely known, purchased and ridden. Every city we delivery eBikes to has an active cycling voice and there are greenways in use or under development. eBike Central is promoting the increased use of eBikes as a transportation and recreational product. They are as safe to ride as a Bicycle with the the Adjustable Pedal Assist that …

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

eBikes are Individualized Transportation.


Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has stated why eBikes are going to play a significant part in the movement within the urban areas from now on. Here are a few key statements: Half or 50% of the World’s Population live in or near Urban Centers. This will rise to Two Thirds or 66% over the next 10 years. No cities want …

Performance Bicycle files Bankruptcy.


This is news worth posting here. Mainly because they sell eBikes in their stores in the same cities our stores are located. Below is part of the article about this latest news in the Bicycle Industry. ————- ASE, owner of Performance Bicycle and ASI, files for Chapter 11 Published November 16, 2018 by Stephen Frothingham Store closings expected. CEO says …

Tern 2019 eBike products

2019 Tern eBike Products.

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We love the Tern products. They are best of class in Utility and Folding Categories. They both are winners in the Compact eBike Class. Here are is the eBike Product Line for 2019 from Tern. Tern Electric Conquer hills and headwind—without breaking a sweat All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the …

There is an eBike to fit your Lifestyle.

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The Electric Bike market has matured to have very targeted products. This is different than the traditional, non-motor assisted products. Weigh on Traditional or Acoustic Bicycles simply do not have the advantage of the Hybrid Power (Human and Electric) needed to realistically ride some of these models around. Cargo eBikes also carry up to 450 pounds of weight eBike Central …