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eBike Central offers over 150 models of eBikes to the Blowing Rock North Carolina area.

Our premium level eBikes are made by six of the top manufacturers in the World!

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Blowing Rock has been exploding in growth for decades now. This continues as more and more people move into Blowing Rock NC and are looking for different ways to move around. Cars are just not the way to go anymore when traveling within 5 miles of your home for running errands, eating out, going over to a friends house and exploring your own Blowing Rock neighborhood. Its all fun on an eBike!

eBikes in Blowing Rock NC do NOT require a License or Insurance. eBikes do require the youngest rider be 16 years old. They are very safe and ride like normal bicycles with the addition of power assist. But they do require respect of the eBike and the where it is being ridden. Obeying any laws and respecting other Pedestrians, Riders, or even Scooter riders is very important.


We travel to the Greater Blowing Rock North Carolina area with our Mercedes Sprinter Van from our Greensboro NC Store on regular basis for Customer Service, Sales, Deliveries and Demo Events.

You can fill call us or fill out our Contact Us form to arrange for your Demo or Service in Blowing Rock NC. We are Certified Bosch eBike Systems engineers.

We also have an eBike Store in Greensboro NC. We are selling, servicing and providing test rides all over the Southeast.

eBike Central Van setup at Riverlights Community in Wilmington NC for Electric Bicycle Demo Day Event

Our eBike Brands


BULLS - German

For over 50 years, BULLS has been part of a success story—From the beginners' mountain eBike to the carbon racing machine to be used in world elite races, Bulls represent the highest quality. All Bulls eBikes are engineered, designed, and tested at their headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Bulls provides best-in-class across all categories: Road, Off-road, Class 1, Class 3, Fat Tire, Full Suspension and offers three major motor systems: Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Fazua. This is a testament to level Bulls is able to operate within the eBike market.!


Riese & Müller eBikes - German

Riese & Müller is a 25 year old German company—privately owned and founded by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller. Markus and Heiko along with Sandra Wolf are leading the company with a philosophy of providing a mobility product targeted at a sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Mobility and bicycle mobility are being transformed through the integration of the eBike system in a very unique way.

Riese & Müller focuses on quality, long service life, and comfort—while keeping the design beautiful and elegant.

Each eBike is custom configured with options for Derailleur systems, Motor Speed, Components, and Accessories. This approach sets Riese & Müller apart from any other eBike brand on the market today!


GOCYCLE eBikes - British

The entire GoCycle product line and technology is the brain child of one man, Richard Thorpe. He was a Mclaren Automotive design engineer before he left to create these amazing eBikes!

In 2009, the multi-award winning Gocycle G1 launches in Europe to international media acclaim, and later that year wins the Best Electric Bike award at Eurobike 2009.

GoCycle has continued to set new standards with eBikes. In 2012, they became the first production electric bike to be digitally connected via Bluetooth and again wins the Best Electric Bike Eurobike award.


TERN eBikes- American

Tern is an award winning eBike company focused primarily on the folding bike segment. The quality of the overall product led by a very high quality approach to the folding mechanism and process. This leads to a folded eBike that can be placed in a car, boat, plane, train, elevator, under a desk, or inside the closet.

The eBikes are designed to be serviceable rather than land-fillable. And they are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact, like minimizing packaging, specifying recycled cardboard, and reducing use of harmful chemicals like chromium.

Tern’s motto is ‘Aim high, then aim higher.’


Yamaha eBikes - Japanese



Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle (PAS) in 1993. Since then we have been constantly innovating to deliver the most easy-to-use power assist systems. Just one ride and you’ll understand.

Over 4 Million Drive Units used worldwide
Over 2 Million Yamaha
e-bikes sold in Japan


It’s with excitement and great anticipation that our Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles will become available to US outdoor enthusiasts looking for new adventure and excitement. Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles provide superior e-bike technology, reliability, and PURE RIDE performance.

Gazelle eBikes

Gazelle eBikes - Netherlands

Royal Dutch Gazelle eBikes.

Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 350 people at its factory in Dieren, the Netherlands. Quality has been at the forefront since our founding in 1892. In 1996, Gazelle’s production process was certified to the ISO-9001 standard.

We are proud of our “Royal” title, which was awarded to us by Princess Margriet in honour of our 100th anniversary in 1992. This distinction further serves to cement our commitment to innovation, and our pursuit to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Here at Gazelle, we are proud of how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed. We’ll continue to make stylish, safe, comfortable, bicycles that are built for your daily life and for the long haul.

For 127 years Gazelle has produced the highest-quality, most comfortable, lightweight bicycles possible. Our focus on thoughtful design and technical innovation are inspired by our love of cycling, and a belief that bicycles should be a part of daily life.

Gazelle believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the ride.

Comfort position bikes
Multi-use bikes
Mid drive eBike motors

eBike Central and Magnum eBikes

Magnum eBikes - American

We are proud to offer Magnum eBikes. They are Assembled in the U.S. and have a U.S. Headquarters. We also have face to face contact with your sales staff on the east coast.

Magnum Bikes was founded in 2010 and has been a leader in innovation and design of electric bicycles.

The company believes electric bicycles are changing the concept of travel providing a clean, efficient and exciting new mode of transportation that is affordable to all. eBike Central is committed to getting eBikes in use more as daily transportation.

Magnum’s innovation, design and focus on quality allows us to produce stunning high level electric bicycles that lead the e-bike market internationally.

The company’s knowledge and control of the manufacturing process allows us to provide you with the maximum product at the minimum price.

They have a philosophy that is to always to put our customer and product first. Magnum stands behind its product 100% and design all of their bikes to be user friendly and easy to service. The product is developed with top brand name bicycle components including Schwalbe, Tektro, Promax, Hesling, 8Fun, Samsung, Selle Royal, Shimano, RST, Wellgo and more.


Greyp - Croatian

Greyp is a Croatian based company whose eBikes were created as a project by Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili. Mate and his Rimac company have a serious reputation for innovation. He has been focused on electric vehicles for years.

Greyp’s electric mountain bikes are on the cutting edge of connected e-bikes, and have quickly evolved into award-winning designs that embraced Rimac’s reputation. These electric bicycles are packed with technology and innovation.

The Flagship model G6 is a full-suspension electric mountain bike. The bike features a pedal assisted range of up to 60 miles from its 700Wh battery. The swappable battery makes up a central design element in the Greyp G6 frame.

The Greyp G6 line has built-in 4G connectivity with a T-Mobile eSIM card that allows it to receive over-the-air updates as well as integrate with mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. This provides diagnostic and telemetric information to be transmitted to and from the eBIke.

There is also a free Mobile app for owners that provides a next level dashboard while riding and allows for control of the cameras.

The cameras can be used for livestreaming or for saving exciting moments from a ride. Multiple riders can also view the camera feed from other bikes in their group in real time, or even from around the world, on phone screens mounted on the handlebars.

The bikes also include other sensors including built-in GPS for navigation, accelerometer, and barometer. The GPS can even provide a real-time range estimation based on the battery remaining and the course the rider is planning to take. A wrist-strap heart rate monitor is also included as an accessory that modifies the motor output in real time to maintain the rider’s desired heart rate.


Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow has a design philosophy that is bold and clear: always ahead.

The Company has been applying this philosophy since they created the first Urban Arrow, back in 2010. Inspired to build the urban vehicle of the future, they set out to design an electric cargo bike that will never let you down and is easy to handle in traffic. Robust yet agile, durable yet light. The result is our iconic aluminum frame. After several years of optimization, it still looks essentially the same.

Urban Arrow want cities to remain great places in which to live. That’s why they are defining a brand-new transport category: Smart Urban Mobility. But at the same time, they are also seeing how streets are becoming congested and acknowledge the growing need to reduce air pollution - quickly.

By combining the carrying capacity of your car and the agility of an e-bike, Urban Arrow is creating the ultimate vehicle to take all that’s dear to you from A to B - and beyond.

Clean, safe, stylish, fast.


Cube - German

In 1993, Marcus Pruener founded CUBE while assembling bikes in a small corner of his father’s furniture factory in Germany. His passion for mountain biking combined with the rising popularity of the sport throughout Europe propelled CUBE to become a world renowned bike and e-bike brand. Today, CUBE sells bikes and e-bikes in over 60 countries worldwide.

CUBE has become a market leader in several European countries in the middle and premium mountain bike and road bike segments. The brand is available through specialist retailers in 62 countries worldwide. The current product portfolio consists of more than 300 different mountain, urban, road, cross, gravel, and touring bikes, including a full-line of e-Bikes.


At the headquarters in Waldershof, the dedicated team of engineers continuously seeks to improve materials, construction and processes. CUBE’s in-house laboratory tests every model rigorously, ensuring that they meet requirements that are well above standard thresholds. They are then put through their paces in the real world by our engineers and professional bikers to refine every aspect of each bike design. The result is an uncompromising combination of functionality, weight, stiffness and safety.

CUBE has been partnered with Bosch in the development of CUBE e-Bikes for 10 years. Bosch is a leader in e-Bike technology, constantly innovating their power and drive systems for maximum performance and battery life.

If you live in the Greater Blowing Rock North Carolina area or in North Carolina, we can offer you the best eBikes for sale today!