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Zero Emission Personal Transportation

eBikes are a key part of solution to reduce carbon emissions globally. The Zero-emission part of the eBike discussion is based on re-charging the battery on a daily basis from a Sustainable Electrical Source such as solar, wind, hydro, geo thermal, etc.  The fact is today part of the eBike Battery charge is coming from Power Plants that are running …

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1 out of 10 bicycles sold in U.S. has been an eBike!

This is fantastic news! Everyone that is familiar with the product, knows how transformative it can be. Pedaling Faster and Farther gives the rider an exhilarating feeling that can trigger other things to happen. The experience can elevate your perspective of everything. The performance enhancement that eBiking provides creates a realization that you are capable of so much more. The …

eBikes against Fossil Fuel Use

E-REVOLUTION in Transportation going on right now!

Fossil Fuel Powered Vehicles are CHOKING our planet! Hopefully everyone is realizing that Fossil Fuel Powered Vehicles are transferring the resources out of the planet and expelling them into the atmosphere. There is a chemical change in the air happening and we are having global warming as a result. There is an E-REVOLUTION in Transportation going on right now and …

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GM to Launch E-bikes in 2019

eBikes are going mainstream in the next few years. One of the main contributing factors is that all major automotive manufacturers have or are developing an eBike or electric bicycle so that they can continue to participate in Mobility in general and the new eMobility transformation in particular. Here is a quote out of Bicycle Magazine’s latest story on the …

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Bicycling and eBikes will help solve Global Warming, IPCC Report says.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just met in South Korea and issued its hard-hitting report on the impact of global warming. Quotes out of the Report: Warns that the world is heading toward a temperature rise of 3°C. [Preventing] rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” we have to keep the global temperature rise to …

eBikes fit into the Transportation Stack

eBikes fit into the Transportation Stack

So where to eBikes fit in the Transportation Stack. In the last 100 years, there have been three main levels of Vehicles. Non powered, two wheeled bicycles. Bicycles, Tricycles. Gas powered, two wheeled vehicles. Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles. Gas Powered, four or more wheeled vehicles. Cars, Vans, Trucks. The E-Revolution in Transportation is about MOVING PEOPLE, not MOVING CARS. This is …

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Advertisements from our Brand Partners.

The main reasons we are working with our Top eBike Brands is because they offer the most Durable, Dependable and Reliable products on the market today. Our Partners are also Marketing and Advertising their products through a multi-media approach. We captured some of the latest article and advertisements and placed them here for you to see. Great work!

BULLS eBike - Sentinal

LAPD, “BULLS Sentinal eBike is No Joke and a Game Changer!”

Los Angeles Police Department has received their fleet of purpose build Police eBikes from our partners at BULLS. They have now lived and used the eBikes on a daily basis. Here are a few key statements: Class 3, 28 Mph eBike is No Joke. It is a Game Changer. Traveled 40 Miles in Turbo mode across the city with team. …

eBike Central, Rock 92.3 and KZL 107.5 in Greensboro and Durham NC

eBike Central’s Radio Ads on Rock 92.3 and KZL 107.5 FM

We have been running Radio Ads on Rock 92.3 and KZL 107.5 FM in the Greater Greensboro Area for months now. The stations are owned by the same company, Dick Broadcasting. The reach they have is the following and all points in between Raleigh and Greensboro. The Triad Region of North Carolina, including: Greensboro Winston Salem High Point The Triangle …