TERN HSD S8i Electric Bicycle

TERN HSD S8i, a new category of eBike

JoeTern eBikes

Introducing the TERN HSD family of Electric Pedal Assist Bicycles. Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Smaller. This is a new form of eBike from the great Designers and Producers at TERN Bicycles. It has a combination of characteristics that are individually found in other bikes, but not combined into one until now. The HSD Family of eBikes offer a list of new …

GoCycle at eBike Central

GoCycle visits eBike Central

JoeGoCycle eBikes, News

We were excited to entertain GoCycle and their representative Chris Haigh to our store. Chris and eBike Central owner, Joe Michel, had just met two weeks prior at the CABDA Midwest Bicycle Show where Joe was able to learn more about the latest updates and changes for 2020. It was a great day spent on going over new Dealer information, …

Bicycling in Greensboro Workshop at eBike Central

Providing Refurbished Bicycles to Less Fortunate

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eBike Central is focused on supporting Cycling Advocacy. As part of this effort we are participating in many events related to promoting cycling access. This can be access by supporting the ongoing creation of Paths, Greenways and Bike Lanes. Or, in this case, supporting efforts to provide Traditional Bicycles (not eBikes) to those individuals that could benefit from having their …