We are very committed to our Products and Customers! We lead by offering great products from manufacturers with the best stories, histories and reputations. We add our unique approach to presenting, providing test rides, consulting our customers on products that fit them, providing a unique delivery experience and then looking after each customer based on their needs. 

Below are just some of our incredible customers. They mean a lot to us!

Amy V. – Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Purchased a BULLS Six50 E 2 Street model
  • Fantastic experience. I have been looking for an alternative to my mountain bike since i’m mostly riding paved and light off road now. I am new to E-bikes and could not have been happier with the service and patience of Joe at eBike Central. I have worked in bike stores, taken courses at a bike school in Colorado and have lived in bike friendly cities in 5 states….and still I felt like a rookie looking at all of the options out there. I ended up with the Bulls sixfifty E2 Street and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike. It does everything I could ask for in a bike. I rode 21 miles the first day exploring pathways in Gboro I had no idea existed. Im over 50 so 21 miles is a BIG deal. It provides freedom, peace of mind and I decide how much effort I want to use in a ride. The Bosch mid system is a effortless integrated system. Thank you Joe and eBike for providing me the motivation I needed to get out and just go RIDE!!!!

Thomas H. – Asheville, North Carolina

  • Purchased  TERN GSD model, dual battery, with accessories
  • Outstanding sales and service. Very focused on customer satisfaction and providing an excellent product. I live a hundred and fifty miles away from the shop, and Joe delivered the bike I purchased to my home. Highly recommend visiting this shop if you were interested in a quality e-bike.

Eric & Gesche M. – Independence, Virginia

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Delite GX Rohloff HS and a Riese & Muller Nevo GX Touring HS
  • My wife said it better than I can: “Game changing is such an understatement. Before our e-bikes, there was no game. We live in the mountains, and are surrounded by hills and quiet country roads. I hated riding. I didn’t trust the bike or myself. I was petrified the entire time. There were so many things to worry about, not the least of which was the hovering dread of coming home and having to push my bike back up our driveway (our house is at the top of very long and very steep gravel road–just ask Joe, he’s ridden it). All stick, no carrot.Now, it’s all carrot CAKE. Everything about riding is easy and fun. It’s like being a kid again. What will we see today? Where will we go? Because nothing is impossible. I trust the bike—the brakes, the assist, the gears—and in turn, I’m starting to trust myself. I can observe and react to my surroundings because I’m not terrified. And I’m getting exercise, and not an insignificant amount of exercise. Before, it was never a question of will I ride or not—I wouldn’t ride because, honestly, I hated it. Now, I will ride, and if I get a little help on the hills, so what? Point is, I’m out there. Before, the thought of going on a 5 mile ride was daunting. Now, I could easily see us doing a 20, 50, maybe even 100 miles in a weekend. Why? Because it’s fun. It’s that simple.”

Martin C. – Jasper, Georgia

  • Purchased a Yamaha Wabash model
  • Wonderful buying experience. Dealer did everything they verbally promised, including personal delivery to my mountain home an hour+ north of Atlanta. Can definitely recommend.

Sherry B. – Black Mountain, North Carolina

  • Purchased two (2) Gazelle Medeo T9 models
  • My experience with Joe Michel and eBike Central has been wonderful. My housemate after researching bikes and where to buy one made the decision to own a Gazelle Medeo and buy it from eBike Central Greensboro. Joe delivered her bike to our home in Black Mountain, NC and took all the time needed to go over all the bike’s features, instructions for use, care, and answered any and all questions. In a short time after I experienced riding her Gazelle a few times I also decided to own one. Joe ordered exactly the color I wanted and a short wait later delivered my beautiful Gazelle Medeo to me. EBike Central will also for a reasonable fee come to our home yearly for any maintenance required. I definitely recommend to anyone considering owning an ebike to go to eBike Central to see the several brands that they carry, great customer service, brand knowledge and enjoy a test ride!

Andrew B. – Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Purchased a BULLS Cross Lite E.
  • My Traditional bicycle was limiting my distance and how much I could carry in my basket and panniers (including my small dog). I was also running out of juice.
    I was fortunate to stay in touch with one of my old college riding buddy and was excited to learn he was starting an E-Bike business. eBike Central……My first thought was….”who would want an e-bike? There are things called scooters and mopeds that fill that role”….little did I know….Soon I realized you have to ride one to understand what they are all about.  As I learned more from Joe at E-Bike Central I became convinced a “Pedal Assist Bike” made sense for me. We agreed on a Bulls City Bike or the Cross Lite E model which was the right fit for my goals and lifestyle.
    12 months and 2k miles later I am happy as ever with my decision. The German made bike is an engineering marvel. Partnering with Bosch eBike Systems for batteries and motor I have been able to literally pedal farther and faster than ever before. Bike riding has become fun again because of my E-Bike

Ned B. – Atlanta, Georgia

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Supercharger GX Rohloff and Riese & Muller Nevo GX Vario.
  • #1 – having an eBike will make you feel like a kid again; it’s that simple
  • #2 – eBikes are the zeitgeist of our time; if you don’t have one yet, you probably will have one soon
  • #2 – pick the eBike that’s right for you, then work backwards to find the right dealer
  • #3 – don’t obsess over price; a reputable dealer needs to make a profit to stay in business, and you’re definitely looking for a long term relationship here (think accessories, maintenance and service down the road).
  • #4 – Joe Michel at eBike central is the best dealer in the business right now, a true disciple of the eBike revolution. Joe offers top shelf product, bespoke customer service and a true passion for eBikes and the people who ride them; all make for a special experience you wont regret.

Tom S. – Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Surface604 Colt.
  • After looking for many weeks I purchased the Surface 604. With my breathing problem it has allowed me the freedom to ride at any time. I have over 1200 miles on it and the only problem was a flat tire. Very reliable bike. All my friends comment on the looks of the bike and how sturdy and nice it looks. The service has been outstanding. The bike was delivered right to my home and Joe explained all the inner workings. The thump speed control is the best and very easy to use. Battery life approx. 50 miles per charge. Buy one. You will like it.

Gabriella C. – Cary, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Gazelle Arroyo Elite.
  • I highly recommend this eBike company based in Greensboro, NC. They are a pleasure to work with. If you can’t drive to Greensboro, they can bring bikes for you to try near your home. In fact, they met me in Cary so I could ride demo models. After ordering they deliver the bike to you. ***That’s service!***

Chad K. – Asheville, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Homage Vario Dual Battery with Kiox Display
  • Joe and the team at eBike Central were incredibly helpful in helping me determine the best e-bike for my needs. I could not have been happier with their customer service! I have now pretty much replace my car, using my e-bike as my primary method of transportation.

Gayle L – Atlanta, Georgia

  • Purchased a TERN GSD S10.
  • Joe and crew from eBike Central were great. We live in Atlanta and we could not find a dealer that stocked the bikes we were most interested in trying out. Joe was very accommodating—bringing bikes to Atlanta for us to test ride twice before we even purchased anything. We ended up with the Tern GSD, which we love. Joe delivered it to our doorstep and then came back to service it a few months later. Excellent customer service and excellent products. I highly recommend eBike Central.

V.B. – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Culture Vario with Smartphone Hub
  • Joe and Sam provided great service with a no-pressure purchasing experience. I spent a day in Greensboro, test riding almost every bike in the shop with Sam’s enthusiastic assistance. Then I spent another month and a half doing more research. An e-bike is a substantial investment, and it gave me a lot of peace of mind to work with the e-Bike Central group. I know that they can answer my questions, service my bike, and connect me to any resources I may need. I appreciated that Joe worked with my schedule and delivered my bike to me, and that they will make trips for tune ups. The experience is not just to get a great bike, but to have the back-up that goes with it.

Kim V. – Garner, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Magnum Ui6.
  • My experience dealing with Ebike Central has been a wonderful one. Joe was there to assist me every step of the way to ensure that I was getting exactly what I wanted with my new Magnum Ui6. Everyone was very nice, very helpful, and super focused on customer care and satisfaction. Great company!! Highly recommend!

Philip M. – Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Nevo GT and a BULLS Lacuba E8
  • eBike Central has been an amazing company to work with since the first time I discovered ebikes and started looking for local retailers. The team at eBike Central goes above in beyond to explain the unique qualities of each product and help you to determine the best fit for you based on how you plan to use the product. They have a great selection of products that are made with the highest manufacturing standards and eBike Central will even bring mobile service to you for repairs if you need assistance in the future. They deliver products for demos / test rides as well and the team will schedule group demos if you feel like ebikes could be a great addition to your organization. I highly recommend eBike Central for their customer service and quality products that are a great fit for anyone looking to purchase an ebike that is well-made by the manufacturer and well-understood by the retailer.

Doug C. – Southern Pines, North Carolina

  • Purchased a Magnum Metro
  • Everyone at Ebike central has been most helpful in my ebike search and ownership. I don’t live near a local bike shop that carries ebikes. Joe Michel brought multiple bikes for me to try, and was patient while I did so. I now have a Mangum Metro that was delivered, ready to go, that I am truly enjoying. I had a problem with the charger, and Joe was quite responsive in getting me a replacement. If you are thinking about an ebike, I would check them out. They have a wide range of models and pricing.

Ed N. – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  • Owners of Surface604 Rooks
  • My wife, daughter and I all own Surface 604 Rooks that we bought in Charlotte NC over 2 years ago. We live in Chapel Hill NC and could not find anyone in our area who would help us when we had problems with the bikes. Luckily, I discovered eBike Central in Greensboro NC. They sell only ebikes and carry and service Surface604 bikes. I was delighted when Joe Michel, the owner, told me he would also pick up and deliver the bicycles.
    We are pleased with the reasonably priced, friendly, competent service of eBike Central and would highly recommend using them.
    Also, my wife and I visited the shop in Greensboro. It is in a nice, safe area for test rides of their bikes. We had a great time riding all the different brands of ebikes they carry. They have a great selection of high quality bicycles that span the full price range of electric assist bikes.
    Most importantly to me, Joe is a great guy. He is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. I would recommend using eBike Central whether you are a novice with electric assist bikes or already have experience with them.
eBike Central delivers in Chesapeake, VA

Gerry’s Supercharger in Chesapeake, VA

Gerry H. – Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Supercharger GT
  • This past weekend, 11/8-10/2019, I went to Damascus, VA for a ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail. As you recall, my specific cycling passion is long distance rail trails and bike camping when I can. Hence my Riese-Muller Supercharger was the perfect choice for me. Although we never get enough saddle time, the times I do get have been exceptional. I could not have made a better choice. The quality and dependability of my bike are without compromise. Additionally, you, your staff and eBike Central have made the purchase and follow up enjoyable. I am looking forward to many more miles and many more adventures. As always, thank you for your assistance and friendship.

Dan O. – Norfolk, Virginia

  • Purchased a Riese & Muller Charger GX Rohloff HS
  • In the fall of 2017, after looking at many different brands of eBikes, I chose to purchase a Riese & Muller Charger GX Rohloff HS.  I contacted the nearest Riese & Muller Distributor , eBike Central on State Street in Greensboro, NC, and spoke with Joe Michel, the owner of eBike Central. Joe was very accommodating in taking my order over the phone for my requested December delivery date.
    Once I placed my order, the bike was hand-built to my specifications and Joe kept me updated on its progress throughout the entire process. I first met Joe when I visited eBike Central in December to take delivery of my eBike. Not only did he explain to me how to operate the bike, but he took his eBike and insisted that we go for a short ride to make sure everything on my eBike was working properly. He even helped me load my eBike and took time to safely secure it for a rather long road trip home.
    Joe Michel and eBike Central are very professional and caring in their customer service and satisfaction. My entire purchase process was a very pleasant experience. I love my eBike and am glad that I can depend on Joe and eBike Central in Greensboro, NC for their excellent customer support