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For over 50 years, BULLS has been part of a success story—based on bicycle specialist dealers, acting in cooperatives with a total turnover exceeding one billion Euro and a global network of purchasers and suppliers. The long-term satisfaction of our customers has powered the growth and expansion of the class leading line of bikes and eBikes.

From the beginners' mountain eBike to the carbon racing machine to be used in world elite races, Bulls represent the highest quality. All Bulls eBikes are engineered, designed, and tested at their headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Bulls has a presence in twelve countries, including the USA, New Zealand, Russia and Great Britain, which contributes to increasing popularity of e-bikes. Bulls provides best-in-class across all categories: Road, Off-road, Class 1, Class 3, Fat Tire, Full Suspension and offers three major motor systems: Bosch, Brose and Shimano. This is a testament to level Bulls is able to operate within the eBike market.

No other eBike company is doing this!

ImageBULLS electric bicycles, ebikesBULLS electric bicycles, ebikesBULLS electric bicycles, ebikes

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