About Us

We focus exclusively on eBikes!

​Ebike Central is an Electric Bicycle exclusive dealer centrally located in the heart of North Carolina. We offer premium brand electric bikes from Bulls, Easy Motion, Riese & Muller, Surface 604, and Tern. We specialize in Road, Off Road, Compact, Cargo and Commuter ebikes.

We are Bosch eBike Motor System and Brose eBike Motor System Certified.

eBike Central. Bosch eBike Motor Certified Service Center

eBike Central. Bosch eBike Motor Certified Technician


Typical Use Cases of eBikes:

  • Enhance 'any' level riding - Smart eBikes provide custom enhancements over traditional rides.
  • Commuting - Ease your existing commute or put within reach a commute you thought not possible. 
  • Injury Support - eBikes provide a level of support to individuals wanting to bike but could not use a non-powered bike.

We went through a deep, exhaustive research effort to align ourselves with the Highest Quality, Most Reputable eBike manufacturers to provide the best products to our customers. 

Our Process - The Three 'C's'

Consultation, Choice, Customer Service.

These are the steps for the best eBike Purchase and Use experience possible.


We want to ensure you fully understand the options and enjoyment involved in eBiking.


Through careful research and consideration, we offer a range of eBikes for certain use cases.

Customer Service

Consulting, Delivery, Maintenance and Support are key touch points.