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Tern is an award winning Bicycle and eBike company focused on the folding and cargo eBike segment. The quality of the overall product led by a very high quality approach to the folding mechanism and process. This leads to a folded eBike that can be placed in a car, boat, plane, train, elevator, under a desk, or inside the closet.

The Tern cargo eBikes have been introduced over the last few years and now command a large part of their product line with a wide variety of custom accessories produced by Tern.

The eBikes are designed to be serviceable rather than land-fillable. And Tern is constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact, like minimizing packaging, specifying recycled cardboard, and reducing use of harmful chemicals like chromium.

Tern is actively participates in cycling associations to support people who want to use bicycles as a healthier, greener form of transportation.

Tern’s motto is ‘Aim high, then aim higher.’

Tern's eBIke product line is made up of three main families offered in different configurations and prices.

  • The Vektron family of eBikes is the folding model with a Bosch or Bafang based mid drive motor. They ride a lot like a normal sized bicycle but offer a folding model. 
  • The GSD family is a family of Cargo eBike models, sometimes referred to as the SUV of eBikes. With the ability to carry two infant seats, two toddlers in a protected area and a variety of cargo containers, the GSD is the most versatile model offered in the line.
  • The HSD is a versatile compact model in the style of the GSD but with a shorter rack and a slightly higher seating position. We referred to it as the Sedan model with a wide variety of accessory options. 

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