eBike Central on Tour

eBike Central is serving the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic with our Mobile Showroom and Service Center!

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We have a Mobile Showroom, Mobile Service Center and Mobile Demo Center in the form of our Mercedes Sprinter van. We have driven over 50,000 miles around the southeast in our first two years of being opened. Our Mobile approach is the primary way we get the eBikes out of our stores and into the hands of test riders all …

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Zero Emission Personal Transportation

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eBikes are a key part of solution to reduce carbon emissions globally. The Zero-emission part of the eBike discussion is based on re-charging the battery on a daily basis from a Sustainable Electrical Source such as solar, wind, hydro, geo thermal, etc.  The fact is today part of the eBike Battery charge is coming from Power Plants that are running …

Happy Holidays from eBike Central

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our staff!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have been very busy in 2018 as eBike elves telling the story of the transformative effects of eBikes. The magical effect they provide create a positive change in nearly every new owner but also surprised every first time rider. We call it the 20 foot ‘Wow’! We can …

eBike Patents from the 19th Century, yes 1897!

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We love describing how ‘eBikes are not new, just new to us.’ Really, they have been around since 1897, yes the 19th Century! But the problem has been the Battery. That is the same problem the original Electric Cars faced. The Batteries were too heavy! That is past tense, were is the key word. With the advent of Lithium Ion …

Top BIcycle Paths and Trails in North Carolina

Top eBike friendly Paths in NC.

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eBikes are becoming more widely known, purchased and ridden. Every city we delivery eBikes to has an active cycling voice and there are greenways in use or under development. eBike Central is promoting the increased use of eBikes as a transportation and recreational product. They are as safe to ride as a Bicycle with the the Adjustable Pedal Assist that …

Performance Bicycle files Bankruptcy.


This is news worth posting here. Mainly because they sell eBikes in their stores in the same cities our stores are located. Below is part of the article about this latest news in the Bicycle Industry. ————- ASE, owner of Performance Bicycle and ASI, files for Chapter 11 Published November 16, 2018 by Stephen Frothingham Store closings expected. CEO says …

Tern 2019 eBike products

2019 Tern eBike Products.

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We love the Tern products. They are best of class in Utility and Folding Categories. They both are winners in the Compact eBike Class. Here are is the eBike Product Line for 2019 from Tern. Tern Electric Conquer hills and headwind—without breaking a sweat All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the …

BULLS eBike Lifestyles

BULLS ebike for your lifestyle!

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Bulls has some of the most incredible eBike products available on the market today. When combined with the Bosch eBike System, they are unstoppable! BULLS eBikes has over 40 models available that cover two main categories, Urban and Off Road. Bosch eBike Systems offers 5 motor systems that are designed and engineered to fit a certain type of use or …

Riese and Muller Charger

The Rider-centric Experience is always paramount.

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Since 1993, Riese & Müller has placed riders and their needs at the heart of every development. To improve the riding experience beyond the product, we are expanding our portfolio with pioneering networking and digital services. This will make our E-Bikes even more useful and enjoyable for everyday life. The Rider-centric Experience (RX) is always paramount – so that riders …

Electric Bikes Are About to Go Mainstream


That is the headline from a recent New York Times article. New York City has legalized Class 1 eBikes. The city already has dedicated and protected bicycle lanes all over the city including across several bridges. It truly is much faster to commute around the city on a bicycle. And then you add in the pedal assist eBikes and moving …