Urban Arrow Family Cargo eBike, Enviolo,

Urban Arrow Family model, think station wagon and minivan…

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We love front loading e-Cargo bikes. We focus on carrying the highest quality models available anywhere. We currently offer two brand of Front Loading Cargo Electric Bicycles: Riese & Muller and now Urban Arrow. Urban Arrow is a highly reputable Dutch brand that has been only focused on their modular designs. The company offers different options for the Front Cargo …

Urban Arrow Family to Cordarrelle Patterson

NFL Star, Cordarrelle Patterson (ATL Falcons-84) takes delivery of Urban Arrow from eBike Central!

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Cordarrelle Patterson, Running Back for the Atlanta Falcons (#84 – Running back). is now an Urban Arrow eBike owner!  We were super excited to be part of a coordinated effort to get an Urban Arrow to Cordarrelle Patterson, Running Back for the Atlanta Falcons. A.k.a the ‘Flash’ was very nice to visit with while dropping off his new Urban Arrow …

Bosch eBike Systems at eBike Central

Head of Bosch eBike Systems U.S. visits eBike Central in Charlotte NC store.

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We are always excited to have our partners at Bosch visit us. We got a heads up we would be entertaining a Bosch VIP in our Charlotte NC store. LJ, head of Bosch eBike Systems U.S., and our regional representative Stephen, paid us a visit. We really enjoyed getting some actual Facetime (not virtual). LJ, Stephen and Joe Michel, owner …

Urban Arrow, Greensboro NC, Charlotte NC

Urban Arrow eCargo Bikes now available at eBike Central

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We are excited to announce the addition of the Urban Arrow line of eBikes to our family of brands. Urban Arrow is a Dutch brand that is completely focused on a Front Loading Cargo Bike format. In the United States, Urban Arrow is offering the Family model eCargo bike. This model is their most popular and is formatted with a …

Urban Arrow Family Cargo eBike, Enviolo, Greensboro, Charlotte NC

Urban Arrow Family model, Accessories

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The best Cargo Bicycle Manufacturers have awesome Accessories. Because an empty bin is not safe for children, and, safety and security options provide a full solution for most peoples needs. Urban Arrow has created a selection of Accessories so you can customize the eCargo bike to your exact needs. Here are the options we can provide from Urban Arrow: Accessories: …