Gazelle Ultimate T10+ eBike

Gazelle Ultimate T10+, all new eBike from a Royal brand

Joe Gazelle eBikes

The Ultimate T10+ is a Class 3, 28 Mph, pedal assist electric bicycle from the famous Gazelle brand hits a sweet spot as an Urban/City speedster.  Arrive at your destination fast and relaxed with the Ultimate T10+ HMB. A dynamic contemporary design combined with the integrated motor and battery give it a striking yet stylish presence. The aluminum frame is …

Gazelle Ultimate T10

Gazelle Ultimate T10 Prototype @ eBike Central

Joe Bosch eBike Motors, Gazelle eBikes

We have been excited to have one of the first Gazelle Ultimate T10 models in the entire United States. It was delivered to our store from Gazelle ahead of the U.S. release during November of 2019. This is a protoype and you can see the sticker on the photos we attached to this Blog post. The Ultimate T10 is the …