Riese and Muller Delite eBIke Crosses Aulstralia

Riese & Muller Delite eBike crosses Australia!

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The Riese and Muller Delite GX eBike just crossed the entire width of Australia, from West to East! We have two of these exact models in our Greensboro store right now. It is incredible to know that you can actually BUY this eBike that just went through one of the the hardest endurance rides ever. We have some photos here …

Riese & Muller’s New Models for 2019.

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At the pinnacle of our Product Line are the Riese and Muller products. The Story, the Design, the Engineering and the History make them totally unique. These eBikes will last longer then your gas powered car. We have customers that have completely replaced their car! They have introduced another group of timeless eBikes. Riese and Muller Delite GX Rohloff High …

eMTBs are allowed on Motocross and ATV Trails in North Carolina.

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As the debate continues on access to traditional Mountain Bike Trails, one thing is clear. eMoutain Bikes and eMTBs are great on riding on all sorts of terrain including heavy duty Motocross Trails and ATV Trails. Just look out for the deep ruts. Pedal Assist Electric Bikes are great at assisting across terrain NOT accessible to Traditional Bicycles. In fact, …

Top BIcycle Paths and Trails in North Carolina

Top eBike friendly Paths in NC.

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eBikes are becoming more widely known, purchased and ridden. Every city we delivery eBikes to has an active cycling voice and there are greenways in use or under development. eBike Central is promoting the increased use of eBikes as a transportation and recreational product. They are as safe to ride as a Bicycle with the the Adjustable Pedal Assist that …

BULLS eBike Lifestyles

BULLS ebike for your lifestyle!

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Bulls has some of the most incredible eBike products available on the market today. When combined with the Bosch eBike System, they are unstoppable! BULLS eBikes has over 40 models available that cover two main categories, Urban and Off Road. Bosch eBike Systems offers 5 motor systems that are designed and engineered to fit a certain type of use or …

Bulls eBikes, Bosch eBike Systems and Sea Otter Classic

Bulls eMTB Race ePowered by Bosch. Awesome!!

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Bulls eBikes has announced that it has become the new Title Sponsor of the Sea Otter Classic annually at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway near Monterey, California. It is a celebration of cycling with racing (road, mountain, cyclocross, eMTB), rides, exhibitors, test rides, music, food & drinks, and more! This sponsorship covers the next three years. Sea Otter’s e-MTB race …

Bulls Bosch based eMTB

The Joyful Trail Flow

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Bosch eBike Systems and the Performance Line CX eBike Motor on a eMTB is described as the ‘Joyful Trail Flow.’ This is mainly due to the four levels of assist you can choose from when riding a Bosch based eBike. Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo modes. (See below) Have no fear with eBike where it is very difficult to get …

Riese and Muller Delite Mountain

Riese & Muller Delite Mountain Dual Battery

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One of our staff have been riding this as a personal eBike. It has an incredibly natural feeling and handling! This is in his own words. I really wanted to have an eBike from our over 100 models from our six brands: Bulls eBikes, BH Easy Motion, GoCycle, Riese and Muller, Tern and Surface604. I had several criteria that the eBike …

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Explore your City with an eBike!

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Explore your own city with an eBike! That is a favorite saying of ours. All those roads and areas you always wondered about. Most of them are accessible with an eBike for exploring. Fun! One of the top reasons to get an eBike is that you can go longer distances. Thats how we came up with our Tag Line, Pedal …

Mammoth Park CA and U.S. Forestry Service approves eMTBs in national wilderness area!

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Wow, thats a big headline. Yes, it has been a great year for electronic Mountain Bikes (eMTB) in the United States. What is a Class 1 eMTB? Class 1 eMTB is a specific classification for sustainable use on any trail, path or riding area. Class 1 eMTB models are defined as “a bicycle with fully operable pedals, and an electric …