Who is our eBike Audience?

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Well, it really is not just anyone who can ride a traditional bicycle. The eBike Market worldwide is finding customers from recreational to commercial use of the products. The Use Categories are being more clearly defined by the introduction of the Electric Assist motor systems from Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Bafang and Shimano. The eBikes from Riese and Muller, Bulls eBikes, …

Everything is great at eBike Central!

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We have been overwhelmed with building our Demo Fleet, receiving Inventory and getting the first Two Stores opened. Greensboro is open now. Durham will open within two weeks, prepping it now! I couldn’t be more excited then to have the world class brands we have to sell and service. It wasn’t easy to get to this point. I continue to …

eBike laws – links and info

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National Law www.peopleforbikes.org/pages/e-bikes Interactive Map ebike.research.pdx.edu/content/e-bike-laws-state-and-province ​North Carolina State b.3cdn.net/bikes/d367a5d9a870bc1c45_mlblcrxvg.pdf Contact us for your Transformative Experience! Call Us: (888)-876-6473. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates: eBike Central Facebook Page