Tern 2019 eBike products

2019 Tern eBike Products.

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We love the Tern products. They are best of class in Utility and Folding Categories. They both are winners in the Compact eBike Class. Here are is the eBike Product Line for 2019 from Tern. Tern Electric Conquer hills and headwind—without breaking a sweat All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the …

Surface604 Shred

Surface604’s newest product, the Shred!

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Surface604 is a Canadian company led by a group of great people! We know them. They have a family of four incredible eBikes, two aimed at city street use and two aimed at off road use. The Shred is the newest member of the family. It is a Mountain Bike! It is based on the proven frame used on the …

Focus on the Fleet – Surface604 eBikes

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Surface604 starts with the name of the company. 604 is the Area Code for the region where the company is located. They product four products that are designed to provide a solution for riding on the ‘surfaces’ in this area. The owners are eBike riders and this really helps when putting together a very economical and durable product. These are …