Riese and Muller Packster 40 – Class 3, 28 Mph


The Packster 40 holds more than it promises: At 2.23 metres, it is only slightly longer than a conventional bike, despite its large cargo area. And that has a threefold impact: It is easily stored, weighs less than 30 kg and is surprisingly agile. The Packster 40 is extremely practical, offering an optional child seat that can easily be folded down into the footwell of the box, creating a sizable cargo area in an instant. The Packster 40 is a compact yet giant hero of day-to-day life.



Motor: Bosch performance line

Battery Type: 500w

Hub: Enviolo

Frame Height: 48 cm (19′)

Frame Colour: White

Speed: Class 3, 28 Mph