Greyp is a Croatian based company whose eBikes were created as a project by Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili. Mate and his Rimac company have a serious reputation for innovation. He has been focused on electric vehicles for years.

Greyp’s electric mountain bikes are on the cutting edge of connected e-bikes, and have quickly evolved into award-winning designs that embraced Rimac’s reputation. These electric bicycles are packed with technology and innovation.

The Flagship model G6 is a full-suspension electric mountain bike. The bike features a pedal assisted range of up to 60 miles from its 700Wh battery. The swappable battery makes up a central design element in the Greyp G6 frame.

The Greyp G6 line has built-in 4G connectivity with a T-Mobile eSIM card that allows it to receive over-the-air updates as well as integrate with mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. This provides diagnostic and telemetric information to be transmitted to and from the eBIke.

There is also a free Mobile app for owners that provides a next level dashboard while riding and allows for control of the cameras.

The cameras can be used for livestreaming or for saving exciting moments from a ride. Multiple riders can also view the camera feed from other bikes in their group in real time, or even from around the world, on phone screens mounted on the handlebars.

The bikes also include other sensors including built-in GPS for navigation, accelerometer, and barometer. The GPS can even provide a real-time range estimation based on the battery remaining and the course the rider is planning to take. A wrist-strap heart rate monitor is also included as an accessory that modifies the motor output in real time to maintain the rider’s desired heart rate.

Three different models of Greyp G6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 priced at $7,999, $8,499 and $8,999 in the US.

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Greyp electric mountain bike, Greensboro NC, Charlotte NCImageGreyp electric mountain bike, Greensboro NC, Charlotte NCGreyp electric mountain bike, Greensboro NC, Charlotte NC