Checklist for New eBike Setup

Check List For New eBike:

  • Have a technician perform a safety check on the bike (Safety check, Firmware update, and Service interval set.)
  • Go over bicycle manufacture Warranty and Break-in period with a new bike (100 miles or in the first month we would like to see the bike back for a safety check, whatever comes first)
  • Go over functions of the bicycle. (Everything from recommended tire PSI,  how to remove a front or rear wheel, computer display functions, removal of the battery, eg.) Assume they don’t know!
  • Ask the customer if they have all the recommended safety equipment. Ie. Helmet, Gloves, Mirrors, Lights
  • Ask the customer if they have a bike pump for for Presta/Schrader valves
  • Accessories – Bags, Auto Racks, Tools, etc. (remind customer of 10% off on all accessories upon purchase of a new bicycle)
  • Capture all of the customers Contact Information
  • Remind Customer of “EBC” service plan options. (Prefer customer to by the plan when they purchase bicycle)
  • Take payment (if not PIF)
  • Owners manual
  • Keys
  • Charger
  • Bike
  • Make sure the bike is adjusted properly for the customer (tire, shocks, seat, and handlebars)
  • Final test ride
  • Ask customer if they need help loading the bike up into the car
  • Also remind the customer they have 1-year free adjustments and tube installations! NOT REPAIRS but “adjustments” (brake rub, shift adjustment, firmware update, checking of bolts)