About Our Tour & Partners


We are so very proud to be assisted on our 2023 eBike Demo Tour with our following close partners.

These brands will have additional products, information, staff and displays that we would not be able to bring on our own. If you registered, you will receive Email updates related to the Brands, Products and Events!

Registration Requirements:

  • EACH person signs up individually. (i.e. Couples sign up separately)
  • Pick a Location and TIME (Each registration must pick a time to help the flow of the event)
  • COMPLETE the Waiver to be registered! (Please complete this to help us organize and account for each event)

We are very thankful to them for Our Partners participation!

  • Bosch – We could NOT operate as a business without Bosch eBike Systems’ support.
  • ABUS – They are on our eBikes from the factory, Riese & Muller, TERN, CUBE. ABUS secures our Customers’ Heads and eBikes.
  • Bianchi – The newcomer to the U.S. with eBikes, but the oldest most respected brand in the World!
  • BULLS – Our Strategic Partner since 2017.
  • CUBE – We have been CUBE’s ambassador across the entire Southeast for three years now. Stay tuned…
  • Riese & Muller – Our Strategic partner since Oct 2017.
  • TERN – Our Strategic partner since Oct 2017.

We estimate to have 16-18 eBikes for Presentation, Evaluation and Test Rides; covering the Four Categories we focus on from our Partner Brands:

  • Cargo – planning to have the TERN GSD, Riese & Muller Load 60, Riese & Muller Multicharger, Riese & Muller Tinker
  • Urban – Models from all Partner Brands.
  • Compact – Riese & Muller Tinker, TERN Vektron, TERN QuickHaul, CUBE Compact Sport, CUBE Fold.
  • Off Road – CUBE Stereo Hybrid, Bianchi eOmnia FX-Type, BULLS Copperhead.

Why are they ‘Partners’ and not ‘Sponsors’?

First, because we have earned the respect of their staff in our efforts to promote their Brand as Ambassadors in the best possible way we can for more then five years! You benefit as a customer with a much better Demo Event!

Second, after over five years of being open and 150,000 miles on our vans, we have participated in over 100 Events. Including:

  • Joining dozens of existing events across the Southeast.
  • Asked to participate in dozens of existing events across the Southeast.
  • Created our own ad-hoc events in different Cities and States.

Third, Being Mobile is in our DNA. The Five Years of experience in Receiving, Prepping, Transporting and Delivering exclusively eBikes, including Cargo Models, from the Top Brands gives us a unique perspective.

What is the 2023 eBike Demo Tour? 

For 2023, we decided to create a more formal Demo Tour Program. Naming it the 2023 eBike Demo Tour.

This has been developed to:

  • Satisfy our ongoing list of Customers requesting Test Rides in their areas.
  • Continue to Promote our Partner Brands by getting as many people testing eBikes as we can.
  • Continue to Promote eBike Central as a company focused on eBikes, Our Premier Brands and Our Knowledge.
  • Be In-Person with Our Customers in a never ending world of swipes, taps and clicks!

Get off the Grid, ride an eBike!