Bosch eBike Systems at eBike Central

Head of Bosch eBike Systems U.S. visits eBike Central in Charlotte NC store.

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Bosch eBike Systems at eBike Central

eBike Central and Bosch eBike Systems meet up in Raleigh NC, training.

We are always excited to have our partners at Bosch visit us. We got a heads up we would be entertaining a Bosch VIP in our Charlotte NC store.

LJ, head of Bosch eBike Systems U.S., and our regional representative Stephen, paid us a visit.

We really enjoyed getting some actual Facetime (not virtual). LJ, Stephen and Joe Michel, owner of eBike Central, spent some time talking about eBikes in general in addition to Bosch eBike Systems’ innovations for 2022 and beyond.

Bosch recently introduced an all new platform for their eBike System, called the Smart System. eBike Central will be receiving the first bikes with the Smart System in the near future on Riese & Muller models.

We carry seven (7) eBike Brands that are based on Bosch systems: 

Bosch eBike Systems at eBike Central

Bosch eBike Systems out front of the eBike Central store in Greensboro NC

  • Bianchi
  • CUBE
  • Gazelle
  • Riese & Muller
  • TERN
  • Urban Arrow

eBike Central’s foundation is based on our commitment to Bosch eBike Systems as the most Durable and Reliable system on the market today. Our entire staff is certified, both sales and service, in order to provide our customers with the most accurate and detailed information possible.

Our goal is to represent the Best Brands of eBikes on the market today.

The Best Brands in the World use Bosch!