Cycling Advocacy

Craig LyndonCustomer Stories, eBike Lifestyle

Wow! The cycling explosion due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been nothing short of extraordinary. More people in the U.S. are interested in our passtime – they’re buying new bicycles, fixing up old ones, and riding a lot. As everyone seeks safer lockdown compliant outdoor activities, more and more people, everyone from commuters to young families to healthy retirees, are getting outside and onto bikes. Aside from cleaner air and quieter streets, we have an opportunity here, and we need to seize it!

There’s never been a better time for advocating for safer cycling. Throughout the country we’re enjoying cleaner air and some cities have even converted vehicle lanes to temporary bike lanes. But the question becomes will bicycles continue to be part of the new normal once the pandemic is under control? Here at eBike Central, we are banking on it. 

While we’ve always been focused on advocating for improvements in bicycle infrastructure, we’ve recently kicked it up a notch by making advocacy a primary mission. Not only did the North Carolina Department of Transportation invite eBike Central’s owner Joe Michael to participate in its webinar series “Another Way to get from Here to There: IMD Innovation & Technology,” Joe will continue his involvement at least through February 2021.

“The pedal assist component of eBikes really does make bicycling, even up to 30 or 40 miles, available to anyone,” says Joe. “People with physical limitations, older adults, young families with children … all can travel comfortably, thus providing an entirely new mode of transportation.”

Increasing integral parts of the transportation network and trail systems for cyclists has never been more important.

“Designated cycling lanes, greenways, and off-road trails are imperative for the continued growth and sustainability of cycling across the masses,” says Joe. “We have a chance to make these positive changes permanent, and I hope all our readers will join me.”

3 Tips for Joining the Advocacy

  • Advocate for an eBike share program in your community
  • Let you legislatures know that you support the continued growth of North Carolina’s Department of Transportation Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure
  • Check out other ways you can advocate at USA Cycling: