Pro Tip – Preflight Tire Pressure

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Before starting your ride, always make checking your tire pressure part of your routine pre-flight. It’s essential for a safe and comfortable ride in addition to maintaining your bike. But, when it comes to tire pressure, one size does not fit all. In fact, it can feel complicated but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what you need to take into consideration:

  • Type of tires
  • Your weight 
  • Type of terrain 

Type of tires

Although it may be hard to read, you can see the recommended air pressure right on the tires. However, you don’t necessarily want to go by it. The maximum tire pressure is generally too high, and usually you’ll want less pressure on the front tire than the back, especially on eBikes. 

Your weight

The weight of the rider, cargo, and bicycle compress the air in the tires. Therefore, a petite rider and light weight will need a lower pressure than a heavy rider with more weight. 

Type of terrain

On a paved road, you’ll want the tire pressure to be higher to reduce rolling resistance and give you more speed. On the other hand, when you’re on rougher terrain, a lower pressure gives you more grip and a more comfortable ride. When it’s raining, lowering the tire pressure can make your ride safer.

Pay attention to the following during your rides and change your future preflight tire pressure accordingly:

  • Is my ride too bumpy?
  • Do I have a good grip in turns?
  • Does the ride feel comfortable?
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