2021 eBike Central Preview, Part 1

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We are so excited to be providing Electric, Pedal Assist Bicycles to our customers. It is ultimately satisfying to transform someone’s life through the use of an eBike model that we represent.

Our manufacturer partners for 2021 include CUBE, Gazelle, GoCycle, Riese & Muller, TERN, Magnum, Surface604 and Yamaha.

They all make awesome eBikes and we are proud to be ambassadors for these companies.

We are proud to present a new selection of models for 2021 and this is a preview of some of these products.


eBIke Central, Charlotte NC, Gazelle Medeo T10+

eBike Central, Gazelle Medeo T10+

eBIke Central, Charlotte NC, Gazelle Medeo T10+

eBIke Central, Gazelle Medeo T10+

The Gazelle Medeo T10+ comes in a mid step and high step frame Class 3, 28 mph model. It uses the all new Gen4 Motor from Bosch eBike Systems with a 10 Speed Deore rear derailleur and a hydraulic 4 piston brakes

Update Highlights:

  • Gen4 Motor from Bosch eBike Systems
  • Integrated Powertube Battery
  • Class 3, 28 Mph support


eBIke Central, Charlotte NC, Riese & Muller Packster 70

eBIke Central, Riese & Muller Packster 70

New for 2021, the Riese & Muller Packster 70 combines the best of their previous Packster 60 and Packster 80 models, to come in between with the 70 Cm sized deck. The Packster series has been extremely popular for the eCargo Segment and is at the top of the list in terms of design, features, components and quality. The Front loading cargo area now has room for up to three children and can be ordered with different accessory configurations. You can choose the GT or GX model which includes the tire choices. It is a One Size Fits All model that allows for varying height riders so that it can be shared with the family.

Update Highlights:

  • All new design and model
  • Gen4 eCargo motor from Bosch eBike Systems
  • Room for up to three (3) Children

RIESE & MULLER HOMAGE, Dual battery option

eBIke Central, Charlotte NC, Riese & Muller Homage Dual Battery

eBIke Central, Riese & Muller Homage Dual Battery

The Riese & Muller Homage model is the top of the line, full suspension step through model. It is one of the Control Technology models designed for the highest comfort level utilizing a rear, air tuned suspension. New for 2021 includes a Dual Battery option where both batteries are now mounted in the down tube with access on each side. This design gives the ultimate range using dual 625 Wh Powertube batteries from Bosch eBike Systems, while preserving the full step through feature of this very unique frame design. The Gen4 motor from Bosch has also been incorporated for 2021. You can still get different sizes, speeds and rear hub geared options when custom ordered.

Update Highlights:

  • Gen4 motor from Bosch eBike Systems
  • Dual Battery, 1250 Wh, option with concealed Powertube batteries
  • Comfort Seat and Handlebar option


eBIke Central, Charlotte NC, TERN GSD S10 LX

eBIke Central, TERN GSD S10 LX

TERN Bicycles is a leader in compact bicycles and eBikes incorporating a 20″ wheel. The GSD, or Get Stuff Done, eBike has been a huge hit for the company and has been growing over the last two years to include a family of models. New for 2021 is a selection of GSD models that have improved features and components. The GSD S10 LX model incorporates a built in Wheel and Chain guard. The big news is the inclusion of the Gen4 motor from Bosch eBike Systems, tuned for heavy loads. The GSD S10 LX model also now incorporates a Front Suspension Fork for greater comfort.

Update Highlights:

  • Updated Frame design with Wheel and Chain Guard
  • Gen4 motor from Bosch eBike Systems
  • Front Fork Suspension

Stay tuned for more updates on new models available through eBike Central.

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