Nexus 8 Speed Geared Hub

Pro Tip – Nexus 8 Speed Hub Adjustment

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We sometimes need to perform an Adjustment on a Shimano Nexus 8 Speed Hub that is present on several models we offer.

Here are the easy steps to perform this on your own before we need to get a mechanic involved:

1 –  Shift the Nexus System into Gear 4 (Four). 

Nexus 8 Speed Geared Hub

2 – Look at the top of the Nexus Hub system to find the Two Yellow Marks. These should be aligned for proper shifting.

Nexus 8 Speed Geared Hub

3 – Locate the Barrel Adjustment knob connected to the shifter on the handlebar. 

Nexus 8 Speed Geared Hub

4 – Rotate the Barrel Adjustment knob to affect the alignment of the Yellow Marks. They should be aligned together.

Nexus 8 Speed Geared Hub

You can now ride the eBike again to see if the shifting is performing properly. If there is continual issues, or the Barrel Adjuster does not provide the adjustment range needed, we may need to adjust the cable length from the Shifter on the handlebar to the Connector.

First make sure the Barrel adjuster is at the mid point of its adjustment range. There is a bolt that can be loosened to adjust the length  at the back of the bike on the Nexus System, then retightened for Yellow Mark Alignment.

If you bought an eBike from us and need further service on your Nexus, we can arrange an appointment.

888 876 6473 ext 0, or email us at info@ebikecentral,net