GoCycle at eBike Central

GoCycle visits eBike Central

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We were excited to entertain GoCycle and their representative Chris Haigh to our store.

Chris and eBike Central owner, Joe Michel, had just met two weeks prior at the CABDA Midwest Bicycle Show where Joe was able to learn more about the latest updates and changes for 2020.

GoCycle at eBike Central

GoCycle GX folded up for training.

It was a great day spent on going over new Dealer information, hearing Chris’ description of the Brand History and going through all aspects of these incredible Electric Pedal Assist bicycles from England. 

eBike Central is committed to only carrying brands that have a Great Story, Deep History and Outstanding Reputation with their products. Richard Thorpe, the visionary and founder of GoCycle, created this product through his own experiences in riding & commuting on bicycles through London and out into the countryside. He took his rich experience as an automotive engineer at Bentley and Mclaren to create, and then evolve this singular product over a period of 11 years now.

Instead of trying to reinvent the product constantly or introducing completely new models, GoCycle has chosen a path to evolve and iterate an initially successful design into a family of eBikes with a common platform only differentiated by specific features. Being sensitive to pricing by offering versions that simply build on the platform but not limiting any of them from the true GoCycle experience, which is a No Compromise approach.

No Compromise means that through the evolution, reducing and eliminating issues with more specialized eBikes.

GoCycle at eBike Central

GoCycle at eBike Central

Some No Compromises include:

  • Light weight – its able to be carried and transported easily when not riding it.
  • Smaller size – able to be ridden both in open and confined spaces.
  • Compact – able to be brought inside or placed in a car For storage, not locked up on the street.
  • One Size Fits All – adjustments allow one size to fit riders from 4’10” to 6’6″.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Fully Enclosed Chain, Internal Geared Hub, Simple Wheels.
  • Mobile App Control – app modifies motor assist functions, tracks ride details, provides dashboard function.

We also went main items available to us for supporting our customers.

We invite you to come in or make an appointment to Test Ride a GoCycle and see how incredible this produce is and how it can help support your lifestyle!

GoCycle at eBike Central

Sam Froelich, eBike Central store manager, with Chris from GoCycle

GoCycle at eBike Central

Joe Michel, owner of eBike Central, gets the handshake from Chris with GoCycle. Vans in the background.