Chapel Hill Police on eBikes - Bulls Sentinel

Police on eBikes works, just ask the Chapel Hill NC Police Department.

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Chapel Hill Police on eBikes - Bulls Sentinel

Officer Jake Clark with eBike Central owner, Joe Michel.

We have been working with Emergency Responders for over two years, introducing them to Electric Pedal Assist Bicycles. Just like most individuals, these organizations are new to the eBike product and are learning how they can make a difference as a mode of transporting their Officers and Responders.

EBIKES FIGHT CRIME. “We were on [our] ebikes and Rolled up on guy Sunday who was wanted for Kidnapping assault on female and carjacking… he never saw or heard us until we were right up on him.” CHPD Officer

There are several Advantages that eBikes provide Police Departments:

  • Can provide faster response to a scene than a squad car. 
    • Faster Mounting and Dismounting of the vehicle.
    • Able to maneuver where cars can and can’t go: paths, varied terrain, curbs, stairs, etc.
    • Able to roll right up to the scene, without having to park a car, exit the car and move to the scene.
  • Stealth mode. Because they operate quietly, police officers can roll up on a scene or suspect without being noticed.
  • Visibility. Police are wanting to be seen and interact with the public. eBikes support being visible. 
  • Environmentally Friendly. eBikes use Green, use renewable energy and do not pollute the environment. eBikes are a Zero emission electric vehicle.
  • eBikes do not fatigue the responders or officers. Motor assist levels allow officers to arrive at the scene with more energy for the response. 

eBike Central has been working very closely with the Police Department in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They chose the BULLS Sentinel model of eBike after testing different brands. They also liked our approach to being mobile with our Test Rides, Sales, Delivery and Service. We are looking after them at their Headquarters.

We provide Extended Test Rides over several days so your Police Staff or Emergency Responders can really test an eBike during real emergencies!

We recently delivered another set of BULLS Sentinel models to them and attached to this blog post is some photos from the drop off.

Contact us if you are affiliated with an Emergency Response Unit or Police Department! 

Chapel Hill Police on eBikes - Bulls Sentinel

eBike Central’s Sprinter van for Test Rides, Delivery and Service.