Yamaha eBikes

Yamaha eBikes now available from eBike Central!

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This is a very exciting announcement from all of us at eBike Central.

We are now offering the entire line of awesome eBikes from Yamaha Motor Company and Yamaha Bicycles!

We were approached by Yamaha representatives to carry their incredible line of eBikes that were introduced in 2017, and started to be delivered to the U.S. in 2018-2019.

We have been monitoring their products since we saw them in the Display Cases at Interbike 2017 in Las Vegas NV. It did take them about a year to get the products out into the market. Yamaha has added a few models since they were launched at this event.

At eBike Central, we are very careful about which Brands and Models of eBikes we bring into our store since we are representing customers that have to weed through an ocean of eBikes available in the U.S. right now. There are well over 300 ‘Manufacturers’ of eBikes selling products in the United States today. That is mind boggling.

We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing, testing, talking, planning and investing in relationships with the producers of the products we carry, our product Manufacturers.

We strive to be Proud of our products and truly believe we are Ambassadors of the Brands we represent. You can be sure as a supplier or a customer that we are focused on reputation at all times.  All of our Brands have a Story, History and Reputation which we want to support and carry on as a responsibility.

To that point, we are very excited and proud to be now representing Yamaha. What a powerful brand they have created with a reputation of Quality, Durability and Reliability, in addition to a service offering through certification and support from the factory.

Thanks Yamaha for considering us to be one of your proud partners! More to come on this…

Yamaha eBikes

Yamaha Pedal Assist Bicycles, Four Models

Yamaha CrossConnect eBike

Yamaha CrossConnect model eBike, Fully Equipped for Daily use.

Yamaha CrossCore eBike

Yamaha CrossCore eBike model, Lightweight, nimble, lower priced.

Yamaha Wabash eBike

Yamaha Wabash eBike model, drop bar, multiple hand positions, on and off road capabilities, gravel bike.

Yamaha Urban Rush eBike

Yamaha Urban Rush eBike model, drop bar, street smart, multiple hand positions, nimble, urban assault.

Yamaha Electric Pedal Assist Bicycles, YDX Torx Model

Yamaha YDX Torx model eBike, electric mountain bike or eMTB