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Gazelle Bikes’s Pre-Assembly

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At Royal Dutch gazelle we have made our factory very efficient so we were able to produce 275,000 bikes per year.
A bike is loaded onto the truck every 30 seconds ready to go to our dealers. So how do we keep up with the pace. The key is Good Preparation.

Before we put a bike together we make sure all of the parts are ready and on standby every day in pre-assembly. We make about 900 front forks daily, made from 21,000 components of all types and sizes.

Every year we use 344 km of chain to make individual chains to fit every bike.

We do the same thing with cables which we tuck away neatly inside the frame. Before we get ready with everything to finish off the assembly of our bikes, we put our badge on the front.

That way every bike is a true Gazelle.

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