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Gazelle Bike’s Test Lab

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At Royal Dutch Gazelle quality is paramount.
That’s why we test our bikes continuously in our test lab where we carry out over 129 different tests.

  • Our test bikes travel at least 18,000 km so our Roller Conveyor is running day and night.
  • Because roads and paths are not always smooth we have bikes that vibrate for days on our Vibration Rig.
  • We simulate two years of changeable weather in just seven days with our Salt Spray Bath. That way we can ensure our bikes withstand all weather conditions without rusting.
  • To ensure that our electrical components are waterproof we can put them into a water column with five bars of pressure. That is the equivalent of riding a bike to England along the bottom of the North Sea.
  • We test our colors using a prolong exposure to UV light. We simulate sunlight so we are sure that our bikes don’t lose their color.
  • We check that our bikes can handle anything on the road by using our test track including Cobblestones, Sudden braking, and Sharp turns.

We also monitor the quality of the production process. We test a random 5% of all bikes made which is equivalent to about 14,000 bikes for year. We are only satisfied when everything is right.

Because only a perfect bike deserves the name Gazelle.

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