eBike Central and BikeWalk NC Summit 2019

eBike Central sponsored the BikeWalkNC 2019 Summit, Winston Salem NC, Nov 8-9 2019!

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We were proud to be a Sponsor of the BikeWalkNC Summit in Winston Salem NC on November 8 & 9 2019. 

eBike Central and BikeWalk NC

BikeWalk NC is the North Carolina statewide advocacy organization for Bicyclists and Pedestrians. They work through education, advocacy and promotion to make it safer and more accessible to walk and bike for transportation, recreation, and health. Walkable, bicycle-friendly communities are more equitable and economically vibrant.

eBike Central had on hand several eBike Models on Display and we will be presenting a Healthy, Sustainable form of Recreation and Transportation. 

For the 2019 Summit, Experts from across the state and beyond will be on hand to share their knowledge and experience related to how we can make Healthy, Active Communities with a carbon free transportation future!

The mission of the summit is to:

Foster collaboration between North Carolina’s various bicycle and walking movements, efforts, and endeavors;
Educate local government staff, bicycle & pedestrian advocates, and policy leaders;
Promote bicycling and walking as valid forms of transportation and as economic drivers; and
Highlight North Carolina’s dedication toward becoming a premier walkable, bicycling-friendly state.

eBike Central and BikeWalk NC Summit 2019

Contact us for more information related to the BikeWalk NC Organization and the 2019 Summit in Winston Salem NC this year on November 8 & 9.