Riese and Muller Supercharger 2

Riese & Muller Supercharger2, major improvements to a popular eBike model!

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The Supercharger2. Lovelier, faster, further.

Riese and Muller Supercharger 2

The Supercharger2 will take you there – no matter how far the destination. Whether a daily commute with only occasional battery charging, extended trips or spontaneous extra outings: the Supercharger2 delivers maximum freedom.

Those are Riese & Muller’s words about their new for 2020 Supercharger 2 model. It is called ‘2’ because it complements the still available Supercharger model, which was introduced in 2019. The Supercharger model has been a very popular model for eBike Central and its customers.

With any Electric Bicycle, or eBike, the battery is not only the most expensive single part but depending on how far you ride a premium brand eBike, a single battery and running out of power is the single most concerning issue. Not with a Supercharger 2, it has dual batteries engineered into the frame. This is the only eBike company in the world producing eBikes with this attention to detail.

eBike Central is proud to offer the Entire Line of eBikes from Riese & Muller. This includes Riese & Muller’s Standard eBikes, Control Technology (full suspension) eBikes and Cargo eBikes.

Riese_and_Muller_Supercharger2-9Riese & Muller Supercharger 2 Specification highlights: 

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor (4th Generation)
New levels of power and endurance.
The latest generation of the Performance Line CX is the most powerful E-Bike motor to have been produced by Bosch. It sets totally new benchmarks with up to 340% pedal assistance, a maximum torque of 75 Nm, extremely sporty start-up characteristics and pedalling rate assistance of up to 120 rpm. It is 25% lighter than its predecessor and almost half the size. In order for you to enjoy the ride much longer, DualBattery Technology with 1,000 Wh ensures twice the range or more altitude and fewer breaks to recharge.

Riese_and_Muller_Supercharger2-9Purist cockpit design
Maximum power in minimalist form
We have reinvented the cockpit of the E-Bike: If you opt for the cockpit with Kiox display or the Bosch SmartphoneHub, these are perfectly integrated into the handlebars with optimised cabling. The adjustable angle of the stem allows you to choose a sporty or more comfortable seating position. Just as stylish as the cockpit is the frame design, with its built-in 500 Wh battery.

Riese_and_Muller_Supercharger2-9Equipment for every destination
If you like heading off on tours and also riding off-road, then simply equip your E-Bike with this first-class component combination: Schwalbe Rock Razor All-Terrain tires have flat tire studs in the middle of the running surfaces with extremely low rolling resistance for faster riding on straight sections. The solid tire studs on the shoulders of the tire guarantee the very best grip when cornering. The wide flat VP 538 pedals provide grip for your feet. The Ergon GP 3 bar-end grips with an ergonomic shape for optimum pressure distribution, three different grip zones and excellent vibration damping, ensure maximum comfort on long trips.

Riese_and_Muller_Supercharger2-9Carbon belt drive
Simple. Indestructible.
Anyone riding an E-Bike with the Gates CDX carbon belt drive is at peace. And in two ways: because on the one hand the innovative drive offers a wonderfully smooth ride and great riding comfort. While at the same time being unbelievably low-maintenance and performing its tasks with the utmost reliability. The carbon belt drive provides a new, carefree riding experience – for every need and every intent.

Bosch SmartphoneHub
Riese_and_Muller_Supercharger2-9Smartphone docking and additional display
The Bosch Smartphone Hub transforms your smartphone into a display and communication system which combines intelligent navigation, fitness data and much more. It is convenient and reliable to operate using buttons on the handlebar or voice control. Your smartphone is automatically charged during your trip. But it also works without a mobile phone: in that case an integrated display shows key riding data.

Riese & Muller Supercharger2 Key Features

Folding lock
The 90 cm-long Abus Bordo 6000 folding lock lets you securely fasten your E-Bike to virtually anything. Compact and folding, it disappears into its bag fixed to the bike. The lock, with its ultra-secure articulated design, weighs just 1,120 g and works with the same key as the battery lock.


Big on space
When a tour becomes a trip, the rucksack becomes panniers or luggage rollers. Even the heaviest luggage can come along for the ride on the stable front and rear carriers of your Supercharger GX rohloff. To the Alps and back? The Supercharger GX rohloff gives you more than enough space to satisfy your wanderlust. However, the other Supercharger models also boast great transport possibilities, thanks to the rear carrier featuring the Basil MIK system.

Bracket-free bottle bolder
The E-Bike features two water bottles, but without a single bracket attached. This technical feat is revolutionary. The front cover plate of the frame is equipped with two mounting studs on each side, specially designed for direct mounting of Fabric cageless water bottles.

Headlamp with permanent lighting
Depending on the model, Supernova’s or Busch & Müller’s LED headlamps provide consistently excellent road illumination whenever you go for a ride. They are supplied with power by the battery to guarantee full lighting power at all times. On the HS models, the brake light ensures that you ride even more safely.


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