TEST RIDE eBikes @ designated locations, starting with LEXINGTON VA.

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SIGNUP FORM: https://ebikevirginia.com/demo-registration

We are kicking off our Test Ride Events at designated locations starting with Lexington Virginia. We will be offering additional locations in the near future, or contact us to request one.

We call these DEMO DAYS where you can come out to a predetermined location on one of the prescheduled days to TEST RIDE various Manufacturers, Styles, Types and Classes of eBikes.

We are very excited about our Lexington Virginia location. The Test Ride location and area is outside of the city of Lexington, on Private Property and County Roads. You will be able to test eBikes on Paved, Unpaved, Sand, Dirt, Mulch and Grass.

Waynesboro (30 miles), Staunton (25 miles), Harrisonburg (50 miles), Lynchburg (40 Miles, and Roanoke (57 Miles) are all within an Hour of Lexington.

We will be available to Present and Demonstrate eBikes in action, and answer any questions you may have. Some models will be available for purchase at the event. We will provide Refreshments and Snacks as part of this FREE event.

Test Ride eBikes in a very unique, beautiful setting in the Mountains of Virginia! It will be worth the trip.

SIGNUP FORM: https://ebikevirginia.com/demo-registration

Thanks and see you there!

Ride safe,
Joe Michel, owner of eBike Central