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eBikes are a key part of solution to reduce carbon emissions globally.

The Zero-emission part of the eBike discussion is based on re-charging the battery on a daily basis from a Sustainable Electrical Source such as solar, wind, hydro, geo thermal, etc. 

The fact is today part of the eBike Battery charge is coming from Power Plants that are running on Fossil Fuels, mainly coal. But that is changing. 

In North Carolina, there is the growing existence of Solar Farms, most created by the local power utility. These are actually are created first in remote areas, where pulling long distance power lines is expensive and solar farms cost less over time. Then replacing older power plants with sustainable alternatives. 

Power Plans are on the same timeline as cars in terms of the Fossil Fuels running out sometime this century. That is why the Energy Industry is going through an e-revolution right now. 

The e-Transportation revolution currently in progress is creating re-engineered and all-new vehicles at a rate that will replace all forms of gas or diesel powered vehicles, while introducing an entirely new categories of products. 

In the eBike segment, the Use Case and Solution based approach is as obvious as in the car market. Here are some examples:

We also recommend some Solar Options for charging your eBike today!

You can have a completely Zero Emission, Sustainably Powered Personal Transportation Device!

Goal Zero, part of the Yeti company, offers all types of Portable Power solutions, Inverter and Solar options. eBike Central uses a the Portable Power devices for remote charging of eBikes. We charge the Goal Zero batteries and have them on standby during Test Ride Events, New eBike Deliveries and Mobile Service. 

Here are some links to checkout:

We look forward to testing and using these products in our own daily operations powering and operating eBikes. 

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