Bosch eBike Systems - FEEL THE FLOW

FEEL THE FLOW with Bosch powered eBikes!

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Bosch eBike Systems - FEEL THE FLOW

FELL THE FLOW refers to always being in the flow on an eBike. An eBike allows you to Pedal Farther, Faster and have a whole lot of fun doing it. It feels great too!

Be part of this new movement!

Bosch eBike Systems has been producing and integrating their motor system on eBikes since 2010. Even the first generations of the Bosch eBike Systems are still very up-to-date.

Today, they produce Four different Drive Units for specific uses in addition to the display and battery options. Bosch eBike Systems just won the Innovation Award at Interbike this week! That is the largest Bicycle and eBike Expo in North America.


eBike Central is committed to offering the most Durable, Dependable and Reliable products available in the eBike Industry. Bosch eBike Systems has defined and set the benchmark. We are proud to be a Bosch eBike Systems Dealer and Partner!

We are also close partners with our incredible Bosch-based eBike Manufacturers Riese and MullerBulls eBike and Tern.

Get out and FEEL THE FLOW. Come test and buy one of these incredible vehicles!

And here is our line up:

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Bosch eBike Systems - FEEL THE FLOW