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80% of your personal Carbon Footprint is made up of three main things.

  1. Zappy Charger and eBike CentralHow you POWER your House.
  2. What you EAT.
  3. How you TRANSPORT yourself.

There are major changes happening in all three of these areas.

In the next 5-10 years, homes will have economical options to incorporate Power Generation, Power Storage and putting Surplus Power back on the Grid. Not taking it from the Grid. Electrical Power generation will become De-centralized for the most part. Many innovated developments are happening around Solar (Tesla Solar Roof), Wind, Home Batteries (Tesla PowerWall and others) and computerized monitoring systems for optimizing how power is used and put back on the grid (Zappi Management system).

Tesla and eBike CentralElectric Cars are central to this in that they play the part of Vehicle-to-Grid, where it becomes a Home Battery Storage Unit and also discharges excess to the Grid. One idea was Charging your car at your workplace, then discharging it at night to power your house if the Grid Rates are high. Combined with a solar system, there will be an excess of electricity with a lot of houses, powering the Grid. Of course, eBikes plug right in.

What you eat affects your carbon footprint due to where it is all sourced. Buying locally grown, organically grown produce by a local farmer has to be one of the lowest carbon footprint sources of food types. Eating at a lot of restaurants and buying a lot of groceries that were sourced no where near where they were purchased creates one of the highest carbon footprints.

Tesla and eBike CentralThe reality is every major automobile manufacturer will be phasing out Gas Powered engines over the next ten years. Volvo is just a few years away from their commitment. Tesla is now pushing into the Trucking Industry with their Electric Semi Truck. City Vehicles and Public Transportation moving to electric power has reduced Diesel use dramatically. Regular Gas or Petrol will also reduce by the same numbers. The E-revolution is accelerating at a faster rate then predicted.

The Power to Weight Ration and Unlimited Scalability of the Electric Motor combined with the current Lithium Ion Battery technology is revolutionizing every form of transportation, and creating many new ones.

eBike Central’s focus is to participate in the E-revolution by selling and servicing the World’s Best eBikes!

Our eBikes will reduce your Carbon Footprint starting today!

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