Riese and Muller Delite GX Mountain E14 Rohloff Class 3

Riese & Muller Delite GX E14 Rohloff, Class 3

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The Riese & Muller Delite GX E14 Rohloff has to be in the top ten of all eBikes on the planet right now!

The bullet proof Bosch eBike Motor combined with the Riese & Muller one-of-a-kind frame engineering, set with the best components available creates a lock nut-and-bolt durability.

One of our most popular models has been the Delite. Its not a eBike but a Platform for a Range of eBikes.

The first way to pick a Delite model, custom made to order just for you, is to think about the Terrain and Range you ride, or want to ride. Remember, riding an eBike will allow you to ride twice as far, sometimes twice as fast.

The ultra cool part of the Delite Platform is that they are all Fully-Suspended, well worth the difference. But without Range, the platform is not as effective. Therefore, the engineering went into pioneering the integration of the Bosch eBike System’s Dual-Battery option, the first time in a full suspension eBike.

To this day, no one does dual-battery systems better the Riese and Muller.

The Delite Dual-Battery supports over 100 miles even engaging the highest levels of assist when you want them.

The one Delite model that offers the Widest Use Range is the Delite GX Mountain. New for 2019 is the Delite GX E14 Rohloff, Class 3, High Speed, 28 Mph model. This incredible eBike offers Range, Speed, All Terrain GX Tires and Rohloff Electronic Shift 14-Speed Hub transmission!

Wow, what an incredible eBike from Riese and Muller!

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