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1 out of 10 bicycles sold in U.S. has been an eBike!

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eBike Market Growth - eBike CentralThis is fantastic news! Everyone that is familiar with the product, knows how transformative it can be. Pedaling Faster and Farther gives the rider an exhilarating feeling that can trigger other things to happen.

The experience can elevate your perspective of everything.

The performance enhancement that eBiking provides creates a realization that you are capable of so much more. The main experience of riding an eBike allows the rider to think a lot less about the Bike Riding and more about THE RIDE!

The use cases for eBikes have become so specific as well. The products are much more tuned for specific types of recreational or utility use. It is very likely a lot of eBike owners will own more then one! This could be a Sport eBike and a Utility/Cargo eBike.

This doesn’t mean you can’t geek out over the eBikes. Especially the brands we carry: Bulls, Easy Motion, GoCycle, Riese and Muller, Surface 604 and Tern. Any one of the over 100 models we offer through these brands are at the top of the list with Quality, Durability and Reliability. We love these products!

If you are not familiar with an eBike, then come in to one of our stores for a presentation on how various eBikes operate. Then sign a form, put on a helmet and go test them!

You will realize how different and great the experience really is. That is why they are selling at a rate of One out of every Ten bicycles!

eBike Central offers these brands for you!

Come in one of our stores in Greensboro, Durham or Columbia!

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Bicycle Retailer, August 15, 2018 Vol. 27 Number 14
“E-bikes see strong sell-in and sell-through in US market”