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GM to Launch E-bikes in 2019

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General Motors eBikeeBikes are going mainstream in the next few years. One of the main contributing factors is that all major automotive manufacturers have or are developing an eBike or electric bicycle so that they can continue to participate in Mobility in general and the new eMobility transformation in particular.

Here is a quote out of Bicycle Magazine’s latest story on the subject (link below to full article).

“The company plans to enter the e-bike market in 2019, employing the technologies and knowledge gleaned from its development of electric cars. The announcement was short on technical details. All we know from the information provided is the line will debut in 2019, and it currently consists of one compact and one folding e-bike.” –, Nov 2, 2018.

This further confirms and validates eBikes as a mainstream mobility product that fits into the larger puzzle of all transportation. Big announcements from all over the world on the eBike subject to come for sure!

Bicycling Magazine article link is here.

General Motors eBike