eBikes fit into the Transportation Stack

eBikes fit into the Transportation Stack

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So where to eBikes fit in the Transportation Stack.

eBikes fit into the Transportation StackIn the last 100 years, there have been three main levels of Vehicles.

  • Non powered, two wheeled bicycles. Bicycles, Tricycles.
  • Gas powered, two wheeled vehicles. Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles.
  • Gas Powered, four or more wheeled vehicles. Cars, Vans, Trucks.

The E-Revolution in Transportation is about MOVING PEOPLE, not MOVING CARS. This is a New Priority in Transportation. It is being fueled by major leads in electric motor and battery technology.

eBikes fit into the Transportation StackThe next 100 years will see a merging of some of these products, and the complete removal of the Gas Powered option.

  • Non powered, two wheeled bicycles. Bicycles, Tricycles.
  • e-powered, hybrid two wheeled vehicles. eBikes, eScooters, eMotorcycles, eTrikes.
  • e-powered, four or more wheeled vehicles. Cars, Vans, Trucks,

eBikes fit into the Transportation StackBecause the two wheeled vehicles have not been getting the attention the Cars have in the past, combined with the attention from all players as well as new entrants, there is a primary focus on this segment now. There is a lot of focus on eBikes.

From General Motors to GoCycle, there is a focus on how to provide a Transportation Solution across the world to any Urban Environment where a person wants to move within 5 miles of where their home is located.

BH Easy Motion has over 100 years of history in designing, engineering and producing some of the best bicycles, now translated into the leading eBike Product Line that we offer.

eBikes fit into the Transportation StackRiese and Muller are working to providing a mobility product targeted at a sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

BULLS eBikes are providing top Commuting and Riding solutions for Urban, Off Road and Utility use.

Tern Bicycles is engineering and producing foldable and utility eBike solutions.

Surface604 eBikes are focused on providing affordable eBike solutions.

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eBikes fit into the Transportation Stack

Combined Layers of the Transportation Stack.