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The Electric Bike market has matured to have very targeted products. This is different than the traditional, non-motor assisted products. Weigh on Traditional or Acoustic Bicycles simply do not have the advantage of the Hybrid Power (Human and Electric) needed to realistically ride some of these models around. Cargo eBikes also carry up to 450 pounds of weight

eBike Central was founded on providing high quality, durable and reliable products that fit within specific Use Cases or Categories.

Here are some of the images you might see on our website or in our stores explaining in a visual what a specific Key Word for that use case.

This Riese and Muller Load model in Black. It has a total capacity of 44 pounds on the rear rack and an incredible 441 pound rider and main cargo area capacity. This is a Bosch eBike Systems based eBike.




The Bulls Sturmvogel model has a color matched style and is perfect for easy city riding or beach path exploring. This eBike is utilizes the Brose eBike Motor System.

This is the Bulls eStream Evo FS 3 showing off as it assists the rider up the hill, not in excruciating pain. Looks like fun! This eBike also uses the Brose eBike Motor system.

This Riese and Muller  Load model in Blue. Capacity is 44 pounds on the rear rack and 441 pound total Rider and main cargo area. This is a Bosch eBike Systems based eBike.

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