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JoeeBike Lifestyle, What is an eBike?

Bulls has some of the most incredible eBike products available on the market today. When combined with the Bosch eBike System, they are unstoppable!

BULLS eBikes has over 40 models available that cover two main categories, Urban and Off Road.

Bosch eBike Systems offers 5 motor systems that are designed and engineered to fit a certain type of use or personal preference. Not every cyclist likes to pedal at the same speed and nearly every ride has varied terrain. Choosing the type of motor system that applies to the type of riding you do is one of the great benefits of a Bosch eBike System.

BULLS has now introduced their Pegasus brand, new for 2019 in the United States. We offer this product as well which is made up of three products that are all based on the Bosch eBike System.

The options of Urban and Off Road, combined with the Bosch motor systems gives BULLS an advantage by allowing them to target Lifestyle Niches.

Here are some BULLS eBike Lifestyle descriptions:

  • Women’s Specific – Women have a geometry different enough that when riding a even a traditional men’s bike for a more then a few miles becomes noticeable, even at the right size. Something is just not quite right. BULLS addressed this by customizing more then one model just for women, to get it exactly right! Model: Aminga Eva TR 2
    BULLS eBikes
  • Entry Level Off Road – eBikes need to be affordable to anyone that recognizes the advantages. Higher end components and Full Suspension can add more then a thousand dollars quickly to eBikes. BULLS wants to help anyone that wants to ride an eBike, get on one. For the off road, their Hardtail 29″ eMountain Bike or eMTB has the BULLS quality at a more affordable price. Model: Twenty9 Evo 1
    BULLS eBikes
  • City and Urban – People looking for a solution to commute easily around your City or Neighborhood, feeling refreshed and not out of breath, have top shelf options from BULLS. They have highly evolved products that can be ridden all day, in all weather, day or night. Model: Pegasus Premio Sport
    BULLS eBikes
  • eSUV – eBike as a Sport Utility Vehicle. Yes, when describing it as having High Powered Motor, a Sophisticated Battery management system with Dashboard & Controller, Disc Brakes, High End Suspension…; that doesn’t sound like a bicycle. No its the BULLS Iconic Evo TR 1. A Full Suspension, High Speed, Commuter bicycle for the street. Model: Iconic Evo TR 1
    BULLS eBikes

This is just a small group of the larger line of eBikes BULLS offers. In addition to offering eBikes with Bosch eBike Systems, they also are the only eBike company offering Bosch, Brose and Shimano motor systems in their full range of models. All MADE IN GERMANY!

Wow, that is why BULLS eBikes are one of the best brands available in the world!

If you are looking to buy a second BULLS or are not familiar with BULLS eBikes then contact us or come into our stores to get on a BULLS eBike today!

And here is our line up:

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