eBikes for Emergency Responders

eBikes help Emergency Responders, Greensboro NC Fire Department!

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It was very exciting for us to be contacted by the Greensboro Fire Department and Police Department when we first opened.

We have also be in touch with the Guildford County Emergency Services.

BULLS eBike - SentinalThey are interested and wanting to learn more about eBikes and how they can assist in their response to a scene. The Los Angeles Police Department stepped up early this year by committing to a major fleet of eBikes for their officers.

This model is available from eBike Central: Bulls Sentinel


When we test urban or off road eBikes with members of the Fire Department, the first thing that came out of their mouths as we pulled out on the main street was:

“Captain, this will enable me to get to the scene quicker, and not out of breath!”

eBikes for Emergency Responders

That is the advantage an eBike can give an emergency responder in addition to covering a much greater geographic area. The greater area can be used for more coverage over the same area, or less staff to cover the same area.

We offer a Special Discount to Emergency Responders!

Contact us, setup a Private Demo and lets us show you how great these products are for commercial use. We provide service too.

And here is our line up:

Come in one of our stores in Greensboro, Durham or Columbia!

Contact us for your eBike Demo Ride and Purchase! Call Us: (888)-876-6473.

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